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INSIDE Nebraska Business - April 2018
Inside Nebraska Business
Kathy's Point

Kathy's Point Even though spring hasn’t quite sprung in Nebraska yet and we are still wearing our winter coats and hats, many wonderful things are happening inside the College of Business at Howard L. Hawks Hall.

More than 60 faculty, staff, students, alumni and … » FULL STORY

New Law and Business Minor Open To All Majors

Graduate-level professors will be teaching undergraduates in a new academic program created through a University of Nebraska partnership.

Joining forces with the NU College of Law, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business is offering a collaborative » FULL STORY

Women Reshaping Sales at Nebraska Business

Although stereotypes about the sales profession often paint it as a male-dominated occupation, women in the » FULL STORY

Omer Research Looks at Fee-Pressured Audit Offices

Firms hire auditors to provide independent assessments of their financial statements and assure investors and outside parties that they are free from material misstatements.

However – especially since the economic downturn » FULL STORY

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Student Spotlight
John Lang
Start Your Story

John Lang, a freshman business administration major from Omaha, Nebraska, brought a remarkable world » FULL STORY

Faculty Spotlight
Dr. Gwendolyn Combs
Start Expanding Your Ideas

Dr. Gwendolyn Combs, associate professor of management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of … » FULL STORY

Alumni Spotlight
David Wolfe
Start Impacting the World

Dan Mlnarik ’93 spent more than 10 years helping award University of Nebraska–Lincoln-bound high school students » FULL STORY

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