Mission & Objectives

CBA Building

We are a community of scholars dedicated to educating and molding the next generation of ethical leaders for Nebraska and the world. We strive to provide an exceptional education for our students, and to create high impact research that informs important business questions of our day.

Undergraduate Educational Objectives
  • Integrate business concepts across functional areas.
  • Develop an understanding of the external environment (political, social, legal, regulatory, environmental and technological) which affects business organizations.
  • Internationalize the curriculum.
  • Develop technical skills (critical analysis, communication, analytical and computer) and human relations skills (group dynamics, team building, organization and delegation) to enable students to translate knowledge into action.
    • Critical analysis and communication skills enable students to effectively present views, either in writing or through oral presentations, and to analyze and critique the views of others for purposes of decision making.
    • Analytical and computer skills enable students to process information under pressure and to appropriately apply methods, procedures and techniques to decision making.
    • Human relation skills enable students to understand group dynamics, to work effectively as group members, to build cooperative effort with the teams one leads, and to organize and delegate tasks.
  • Develop general business knowledge through core and foundation courses.
  • Create cohesion and depth in a single business area by providing areas of major or emphasis in accounting, actuarial science, agribusiness, business administration, economics, finance, international business, management or marketing.
  • Sensitize students to ethical issues.
  • Incorporate contemporary theory and practice in the learning environment.