Clifton Strengths Institute

The Clifton Strengths Institute is designed to identify and maximize talent of college students, faculty and staff to guide their personal, professional and leadership development through the use and application of strengths-based sciences. The Institute offers strengths and leadership workshops, conferences, and other learning opportunities to people and organizations in a variety of settings. The Institute contains the only strengths research lab hosted at a college or university. Every business student identifies their strengths through the CliftonStrengths assessment and follows-up with annual one-on-one coaching through the Professional Enhancement Program (PrEP). It was funded through a $30 million donation by the Clifton Foundation and Gallup in 2015.

Clifton Strengths Institute reception
Clifton Foundation, Gallup Donate $30M Read the Story

Clifton Strengths Institute Team

Pogue, Mark
Executive Director of Clifton Strengths Institute
Kennelly, Samantha
Assistant Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute