BSAD 111

Clifton Strengths Institute workshop
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BSAD 111

First-year business students learn how to develop and apply their strengths for success in college and beyond. After identifying their strengths through the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment students learn how to leverage their strengths for specific outcomes including academics, major and career awareness, and engagement and wellbeing in college. Strengths coaches work one-on-one with students throughout the course to help students understand their true potential and develop an individualized success plan to boost self-awareness, academic success and career confidence. Students are empowered to have a strong start towards building “Great Jobs and Great Lives.”


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Meet our strengths coaches
  • Lecture - Students will be exposed to strengths-based development to help them understand how to develop and apply their strengths to maximize their college experience and enhance their personal well-being and engagement in college and in their career.
  • Team Meetings - Students will meet weekly with their strengths team of 10 students, facilitated by their Strengths Coach, to create strategies around their individual strengths to be a successful strengths-based team to complete a 5 week project centered around creating a meaningful college experience to positively impact their career engagement and life well-being.
  • One-on-One Coaching - Students will experience two individualized coaching sessions with a Strengths Coach who will invest in the growth and development of the student to help them successfully transition to university life and future career choices.

Strengths Coaches

Current Strengths Coaches

Name Strengths Major Year
Anantharaman (Ananth) Perumal Context, Harmony, Deliberative, Maximizer, Consistency Actuarial Science Senior
Angelica Carlini Competition, Harmony, Includer, Arranger, Discipline Marketing and Management Junior
Anna Meduna Belief, Developer, Empathy, Positivity, Connectedness Agribusiness Senior
Ashley Hurt Developer, Achiever, Arranger, Adaptability, Positivity Educational Administration Graduate Student
Beth Alexander Strategic, Individualization, Ideation, Communication, Futuristic Psycholgy and PreMed Sophomore
Brenda Erickson Connectedness, Ideation, Woo, Strategic, Input Post-Graduate Graduate
Brendan Thurman Competition, Achiever, Futuristic, ideation, responsibility Business Administration and Marketing Sophomore
Brianna Ridenour Achiever, Responsibility, Adaptability, Arranger, Learner Management Junior
Brooke Sullivan Individualization, Empathy, Maximizer, Developer, Woo Educational Administration and Student Affairs Administration Graduate Student
Caela Freeburg Individualization, Empathy, Maximizer, Developer, Woo Business Administration Sophomore
Caitlin Goin Futuristic, Empathy, Individualization, Activator, Developer Business Administration Junior
Caleb Salter Achiever, Responsibility, Significance, Deliberative, Competition Marketing Sophomore
Carnetta Griffin Harmony, Individualization, Discipline, Relator, Restorative Educational Administration and Student Affairs Graduate Student
Clinton Bartek Empathy, Competition, Ideation, Activator, Maximizer Business Administration Graduate Student
Colton Flower Maximizer, Woo, Achiever, Communication, Strategic Leadership Senior
Colton Siebert Woo, Adaptability, Relator, Ideation, Includer Business Administration Sophomore
David Strobbe Positivity, Arranger, Developer, Empathy, Woo Finance Sophomore
Dillon Whittier Achiever, Competition, Focus, Significance, Futuristic Management - Entrepreneurship Junior
Ellen Beerman Harmony, Individualization, Consistency, Analytical, Empathy Marketing Senior
Ellie Feis Strategic, Input, Responsibility, Empathy, Context Advertising/Public Relations and English Junior
Emily Manos Activator, Command, Positivity, Woo, Communication Accounting Senior
Erik Raber Achiever, Learner, Focus, Context, Significance Economics and Finance Junior
Ethan Stuckwisch Achiever, Discipline, Competition, Communication, Self-Assurance Marketing and Management Sophomore
Ge (Grace) Chai Analytical, Focus, Ideation, Individualization, Input Finance Sophomore
Haley Schepers Responsibility, Achiever, Belief, Individualization, Developer Management and Marketing Junior
Holly Pham Learner, Achiever, Developer, Strategic , Input International Business Junior
Isaac Hlebichuk Harmony, Relator, Consistency, Analytical, Futuristic Management Junior
Isabel Cheesman Communication, Positivity, Developer, Includer, Woo Psychology/ Pre-Law Sophomore
James Glover Competition, Woo, Consistency, Communication, Positivity Economics Junior
Jared Hain Empathy, Activator, Responsibility, Harmony, Focus Business Administration Junior
Jason Ahl Analytical, Individiualzation, Futuristic, Deliberate, Competition Actuarial Science/Music Senior
Jayde McWilliams Futuristic Restorative, Intellection, Learner, Achiever Educational Administration Graduate Student
Jessi Sher Significance, Futuristic, Woo, Activator, Individualization Management/Psychology Senior
Jody Skallberg Empathy, Developer, Individualization, Relator, Achiever Family Science Junior
Jordan Barnes Includer, Woo, Responsibility, Analytical, Communication Finance Senior
Jordan Bloesser Achiever, Learner, Discipline, Maximizer, Developer MAIAA Graduate Student
Kailee Schmitt Maximizer, Individualization, Woo, Positivity, Activator CASNR Senior
Kathryn Upton Woo, Achiever, Includer, Communication, Context International Business Senior
Kelsey Anderson Input, Individualization, Intellection, Restorative, Learner Criminology and Criminal Justice Senior
Kristen Mohr Developer, Communication, Positivity, Individualization, Futuristic Business Administration Sophomore
Laura Ann Salisbury Significance, Relator, Strategic, Individualization, Achiever Psychology Sophomore
Linh Phu Connectedness, Arranger, Developer, Deliberative, Includer Educational Administration Graduate Student
Luke Cutler Achiever, Consistency, Includer, Harmony, Arranger Business Administration Sophomore
Maddie Gaber Activator, Achiever, Woo, Strategic, Input Management Sophomore
Madeleine Adams Achiever, Learner, Communication, Significance, Futuristic Elementary Education Junior
Margaret Gies Harmony, Woo, Communication, Discipline, Individualization Civil Engineering Sophomore
Marissa Semerad Input, Empathy, Discipline, Harmony, Restorative Business Administration Junior
Max Sealer Individualization, Connectedness, Ideation, Belief, Context Pre-Secondary Education Social Sciences Sophomore
Melanie Powell Relator, Learner, Achiever, Strategic, Responsibility Computer Science Junior
Michaela Mapes Strategic, Competition, Achiever, Self-Assurance, Command Economics and Finance Sophomore
Natalie Wiebelhaus Ideation, Intellection, Input, Connectedness, Strategic English and Global Studies Junior
Nicholas S. Courtney Restorative, Input, Communication, Strategic, Command Economics Sophomore
Nicole Russell Futuristic, Discipline, Harmony, Analytical, Relator Management Sophomore
Paige Pogue Futuristic, Competition, Activator, Communication, Positivity Marketing Sophomore
Patty Altenbach Consistency, Harmony, Positivity, Empathy, Achiever Accounting Sophomore
Patty Jane Edwards Empathy, Individualization, Relator, Positivity, Connectedness Integrated Studies Graduate Student
Payton Rice Belief, Analytical, Deliberative, Responsibility, Significance Management Senior
Phat Trong Nguyen Focus, Learner, Ideation, Achiever, Intellection Management Sophomore
Phil Levos Context, Restorative, Adaptability, Connectedness, Communication Economics / International Business Junior
Qais Al Habsi Communication, Analytical, Woo, Relator, Strategic International Business Sophomore
Rachel Pettid Includer, Context, Harmony, Achiever, Discipline HRTM / Argicultural Education-Leadership Senior
Regan Burnham Woo, Maximizer, Adaptability, Positivity, Empathy HRTM / Argicultural Education-Leadership Sophomore
Ryan Evers Futuristic, Relator, Discipline, Competition, Responsibility Management Senior
Shaina Short Competition, Individualization, Focus, Significance, Restorative Marketing and Spanish Senior
Shivang Vaidya Competition, Futuristic, Includer, Belief, Connectedness Finance and Economics Sophomore
Simon Wang Adaptability, Empathy, Competition, Harmony, Activator Supply Chain Management Junior
Sophie Podhaisky Achiever, Discipline, Significance, Responsibility, Competition Marketing / Management Junior
Stephanie Brummond Individualization, Empathy, Restorative, Harmony, Includer Management Senior
Sydney Hey Significance, Communication, Command, Activator, Focus Communication Studies / History Sophomore
Tanner Nguyen Futuristic, Responsibility, Maximizer, Belief, Woo Business Management Junior
Taylor Gehring Achiever, Consistency, Competition, Learner, Harmony Accounting Junior
Taylor Lofdahl Adaptability, Harmony, Achiever, Responsibility, Intellection Leadership Sophomore
Tope Banwo Connectedness, Empathy, Includer, Woo, Belief Dietetics Senior
Trey Mogensen Individualization, Significance, Positivity, Strategic, Arranger Agricultural Education Senior
Yuan Zhang Adaptability, Connectedness, Positivity, Includer, Arranger Educational Administration-Student Affairs Graduate Student
Zachary Leners Achiever, Analytical, Context, Individualization, Learner Biological Science Junior

BSAD 111 Contacts

Pogue, Mark
Executive Director of Clifton Strengths Institute
Kennelly, Samantha
Clifton Strengths Institute Coordinator