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Why Economics?

Economists explain why economic phenomena occur, how markets work and how government policy influences the economy.

Skills sharpened with economics are applicable to many jobs including investment banker, statistician, budget analyst, trade specialist, economic analyst and more.

Their valuable insight to economic theories qualify them for careers in business as well as government, law and teaching.

Points of Pride



centers in which students can become involved
Offers intensive study in


specialized economic areas graduation cap


dynamic professors

with diverse backgrounds including domestic and international experience in business and government

Department of Economics Program Options

Undergraduate Degree Masters Degree Ph.D. Degree
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England-Clark Conference Connects Economics Alumni

Though it takes place just once every five years, the England-Clark Conference is woven into the fabric of the Department of Economics in the College of Business. Celebrating 110 years of doctoral research in economics at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the conference brought together CBA economics alumni and current faculty and students for two days of celebration and academic conferences. READ MORE