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Why Finance?

Finance professionals analyze the financial health of businesses, organizations and individuals in order to identify areas for improvement and opportunity.

Students gain experience within risk determination and risk adjusted pricing, money management and investment analysis, problem solving skills and financial statement analysis.

Students choose one of three finance major specializations: banking and risk management, CFA® – investments and general finance.

Points of Pride

One of


stars University Partners in the U.S.

with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation by the CFA Institute

Hosts the Actuarial Science Program, which is one of


Centers of Actuarial Excellence

in the U.S. by the Society of Actuaries

CFA Program Partner of the CFA Institute

Advocating ethics, standards, and advocacy, the CFA Institute partners demonstrate a commitment to professional excellence and financial market integrity.

Department of Finance Program Options

Undergraduate Degree Ph.D. Degree
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Actuarial Science Program

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Big Red Investment Club
Big Red Investment Club

The Big Red Investment Club (BRIC) student members discuss business and financial news, and manage an investment fund. BRIC also meets with leading Wall Street investment bankers about career opportunities and financial business. Glenn Williams, assistant professor of practice, finance, and BRIC sponsor. SEE MORE

student jobs
Student Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities in the Department of Finance

Position Department Links
Associate or Full Professor in Finance Finance
Assistant or Associate Professor in Actuarial Science, Risk Management or Insurance Finance
Assistant Professor in Finance Finance
Assistant, Associate or Full Professor of Practice in Finance Finance


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