BSAD 150

Course Description

This is a basic-skills computer course. It is designed to ensure that all CBA students have basic skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel in order to compete in the workplace and to complete assignments in future CBA courses. Students are required to attend all class sessions. Throughout the course students will work in groups to complete assigned projects and to take assessments.

Course Goals
  • To test CBA students for basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, and where needed to teach those skills immediately.
  • To equip and demonstrate to students how to continue to learn these programs as their reliance on them grows.
  • To demonstrate advanced features of these programs required in future courses.
  • To orient students to the task of small-group work that uses computers to network activity.
  • To familiarize students with UNL's course management system.
  • To introduce students to the language of business.

Test-out Dates

You must pre-register for the test out exam by completing the Credit By Exam Application and returning it to Jan Hime at least one week prior to the exam date.

You must check in with the Testing Center proctor at least 3 hours before the Testing Center closes in order to take the exams. Students arriving less than 3 hours before closing time will be instructed to re-schedule. Testing Center webpage

Fall Semester 2016
August 22 Monday CBA 36
August 23 Tuesday CBA 36
September 26 Monday CBA 36
September 27 Tuesday CBA 36
November 3 Thursday CBA 36
November 4 Friday CBA 36
December 14 Wednesday CBA 36
December 15 Thursday CBA 36

Spring Semester 2017
January 9 Monday CBA 36
January 10 Tuesday CBA 36
February 14 Tuesday CBA 36
February 15 Wednesday CBA 36
March 27 Monday CBA 36
March 28 Tuesday CBA 36
May 2 Tuesday CBA 36
May 3 Wednesday CBA 36

Credit by Exam or Waiver

Credit by Waiver

To receive a waiver in Business Administration 150 you must have completed an equivalent course in computer proficiency at another college or university within the last two years. The course must include assessment in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access 2013 or higher. To apply for a Credit by Waiver deliver a detailed syllabus and a copy of your transcript to Jan Hime in CBA 247. For more information on the Credit by Waiver, contact Jan Hime at with the subject heading "BSAD150 Waiver Review".

Credit by Exam Over Microsoft Office

It is recommended that you take the course rather than testing out. In addition to learning Microsoft Office, the course is designed to offer students benefits such as small group projects, the use of Blackboard, and business terminology which are skills you will need in future courses.

With Credit by Exam you have 3 hours to pass four computer-based exams; one in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Excel. Each exam has approximately 25 questions and is timed at 40 minutes. To pass the course you must pass ALL exams at 80% or better.

The cost for the Credit by Examination is approximately half the cost of the course plus the cost of the exam software. You can only take the Credit by Examination once. If you do not pass the Credit by Examination, you will not receive a refund and you will need to take the course to graduate. It is suggested that unless you have intermediate to advanced software skills you not attempt the Credit by Examination.

To Register for the Credit By Exam (complete all steps)
  1. Complete the Credit by Exam Application form and return it to Jan Hime at least one week prior to the exam date. You can download and print the Credit By Exam Application form , or one can be picked up outside Jan Hime's office (CBA 247)
  2. Check the Test Out Dates and the Testing Center Hours on this website. Do not take the completed form with you to the Testing location because you will not be allowed to take the exams.
  3. Purchase the Prentice Hall myITLab software packet from the Textbook Office in either University bookstore.
  4. Register with myITLab using these myITLab Exam Registration Instructions.
  5. The Study Guide is to review what will be covered on the exams.

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