International Business

Why International Business?

The international business major combines a solid base of one of six functional areas with language study, international experience and academic studies in international business. Students in international business learn about the culture and management methods that differ around the globe. They also study the business practices of other nations and learn how international trade laws affect the world economy.

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Study Abroad Programs Brazil, China, England, France, Italy, Japan, Spain and Uganda
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International Business Team

Osiri, John
Director, International Business
Hayes, Sheila
Administrative Support Associate

International Business Major

Use the Bulletin and Four-Year Plan links below to see the course description and list of required and elective courses.


UNL students in England

The international business curriculum uses a four-prong approach to prepare students for a career in business.

1. You will take 15 credit hours of business courses in six functional areas: business administration, economics, finance, management, marketing and supply chain management.

2. You will take 12 credit hours from the approved courses and focus their education in international business.

3. You will fulfill a 13-week minimum global immersion requirement with equivalent of 8 credit hours of foreign language designed to advance your language proficiency. If you test into B1 level of Deutsch, you must advance to B2 level, which is equivalent to 8 credit hours. International students, who already have a command of a foreign language, may choose to improve their English proficiency by taking additional English language courses.

4. You will participate an international internship or practicum experience, an opportunity that is available during the global immersion experience described above.

Global Immersion

Students in Brazil

International business students participate in a meaningful global immersion experiences all over the world, in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. A minimum of one semester (13 weeks or longer abroad) is required, and you can fulfil the requirement by combining 2 or 3 short experiences or by traveling in one country for a semester or a long summer. The global immersion experience is an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of a region or culture of the world.

You can:

  • Participate in CBA-sponsored faculty-led experience
  • Join non-CBA sponsored program, and/or
  • Design your own global experience under faculty supervision

Visit out Study Abroad Program to explore your global immersion options.

2016 Global Immersion Fall Programs

Theme: Spanish
Panama (Faculty leader: JK Osiri) – Fall semester course with a winter break trip to Panama)

Theme: French
France: (internship/practicum available)
France: (business courses only)

2017 Global Immersion Spring Programs

Theme: Guyana
Guyana (Faculty leaders: JK Osiri and Colin Ramsey) – Spring Break (spring semester course with a spring break trip to Guyana)

Theme: Spanish
Spain: (internship/practicum available)
Spain: (business courses only)

2017 Global Immersion Summer Programs

Theme: Portuguese
Brazil (Faculty leader: Rob Simon): 3 weeks (Pre-summer session May 16-June 3)

Theme: Asia
(A) Japan (Faculty leader: Scott Fuess)
(B) Korea (Co-sponsor: Yonsei University): 4 weeks (June 28-July 24) – Faculty leader: J. K. Osiri
Theme: Spanish
(A) Chile (Faculty leader: Rob Stein) 3 weeks (Pre-summer session May 16-June 3)
(A) Barcelona (internship/practicum available) Faculty leader: Laurie Miller
6 weeks (June 4 – July 17)
3 weeks (June 4-June 25)
3 weeks (June 25 – July 17)
13 weeks (May 26 – August 3)

Theme: French or Arabic
France: (internship/practicum available) Faculty leader: Amber Messersmith
6 weeks (June 4 – July 17)
3 weeks (June 4-June 25)
3 weeks (June 25 – July 17)
13 weeks (May 26 – August 3)

Theme: Italian
(A) Italy (co-sponsor: CIMBA) May 15 – June 10: 4 weeks
(B) Italy (Faculty leader: Clyde Davis): June 11 – July 12: 4 weeks
(C) With company project/practicum experience in Italy (June 11 - August 11): 8 weeks

Theme: English culture
England (Co-sponsor: Nebraska at Oxford) July 17 – August 13: 4 weeks

International Business Careers

International business offers exciting possibilities for employment in the United States and all over the world. Common positions are:

    Chinese Stock Market
  • Business development manager
  • Customs compliance manager
  • Foreign currency investment advisor
  • Foreign policy advisor
  • Foreign sales representative
  • Import/export agent
  • International consultant or management consultant
  • International economist
  • International entrepreneur
  • International financial portfolio manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Operations manager


Admission requirements for all majors in CBA are the same as those for University Admission as noted under UNL General Admission Requirements in the link below.

Training our students to be globally-minded, in 
addition to giving them a solid business education, 
lets them find success in this global landscape. There’s 
nowhere better to accomplish that than Nebraska, 
because CBA is all about doing something great.    Dr. J.K. Osiri -
Director, International Business,
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, College of Business Administration

Study Abroad Programs at CBA

New program - Panama: A Multidisciplinary Project in Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Visit the UNL Education Abroad website to find other opportunities at UNL to study abroad.

Students attend the first CBA World Trade Fair
World Trade Fair Debuts at CBA Read the Story

Student Organization

The Husker International Business Club organizes activities to enhance and complement the international business major, providing opportunities for students to meet with other students in the major as well as with business professionals with international expertise. The club also strives to help expand cultural horizons of students studying any major through exploring traditions and customs of different cultural groups.

International Business Club
I hope to use French in my career
and have been researching companies 
and job opportunities where I could 
continue to use the language regularly 
in a business environment.  Tessa Lane 
International Business Major
University of Nebraska–Lincoln, College of Business Administration


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