Reading Your Degree Audit

Reading Your Degree Audit

ACE Degree Audit Guide

This page will assist you in answering questions related to your Degree Audit and the degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). If you are not sure about what area relates to your question, feel free to scroll down through the page. We created the page to mimic the layout of your Degree Audit. You can access your Degree Audit through MyRed.

Course Sequence Guides/Four- Year Plan

Most students will take their business courses in a similar order as they move from their freshmen to senior years. The link below will take you to the common sequencing of courses for CBA students:
CBA Course Sequence Guides/Four- Year Plan.

Reading Degree Audit

A section that is incomplete will have a heading listed with a red "X" at the top. Under this heading will be the specific requirements.

A (X) sign means the requirement is not complete. Degree Audit will list the number of remaining hours. Below that will be a list of courses that can fulfill that requirement.

DARS Screenshot #1

If the requirement is complete, it will have a check mark and the course completing the requirement will be listed in green.

DARS Screenshot #2

The Sections of Degree Audit

College Entrance Requirements

DARS Screenshot #3

College entrance requirements are the classes that UNL expects students to have completed prior to entering a degree program. Normally these classes are taken in high school or at a community college prior to enrolling at UNL. However, if you were admitted to UNL with a deficiency, you can complete the requirement by taking UNL courses. See the bulletin for more information about how to clear the various types of entrance deficiencies. Classes taken to clear a deficiency do not count toward a CBA degree.

Admissions - Removing Admission Deficiencies

If you were admitted with no entrance deficiencies, this box will be listed with a green check mark as seen below.

DARS Screenshot #4

Non-Business Requirements (NBR):

DARS Screenshot #5

Non-Business Requirements (NBR) are the general education part of the degree. Students must complete one class in each area. For every area where an (X) is listed, there will be a list of course that can be taken to fulfill this area. Students can find more information about their Non-Business Requirements here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - Non-Business Requirements

Business Core – Foundation:

DARS Screenshot #6

Business Core-Foundation classes must be taken by all CBA majors. All students entering CBA as freshmen must complete BSAD 101, but for students who transfer to CBA as sophomores or higher this requirement is waived. All CBA students must take ECON 215: Business Statistics except for Actuarial Science students. ACTS students will take STAT 380, 462, and 463 in place of ECON 215. All CBA students on the new 2013 Bulletin must take BSAD 111, BSAD 222, BSAD 333, and BSAD 444 before their graduation.

For more information regarding the Business Core-Foundation area, see the undergraduate bulletin here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - Business Core – Four Sections

Business Core – Intermediate:

DARS Screenshot #7

All CBA majors must complete 6 courses in the Business Core-Intermediate area. ACCT majors must take BLAW 372 for this area. ACTS students will take FINA 461 in place of FINA 361. MRKT and Agriculture Business can choose to take either MNGT 350 or MRKT 350.

For more information about the Business Core-Intermediate area, see the undergraduate bulletin here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - Business Core Intermediate (BCI)

Business Core – Major:

Each major has different requirements. Students should refer to the online Undergraduate Bulletin for the details of their major:

Undergraduate Bulletin - College of Business Administration Degrees and Majors

Business Core – Capstone:

DARS Screenshot #8

All students are required to complete MNGT 475 and BSAD 98. More information can be found here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - MNGT 475 and BSAD 98 Requirements


Electives round out the rest of the 120 hour curriculum where students have the option to choose courses toward a second major, a dual degree, a minor (or two); or, students can select courses of personal interest.

See the online Undergraduate Bulletin for more information here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - Business Administration Electives

International Business Course Requirement:

DARS Screenshot #9

With the exception of Accounting majors, all CBA student must complete one international business course. All possible options are listed on Degree Audit. This course can double count in you major or electives, but not both.

See the online Undergraduate Bulletin for more information here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - More Information

300/400 Level Requirement:

DARS Screenshot #10

CBA students are required to complete 12 hours of 300/400 level credits from outside of their major. These credits can double count with Non-Business Courses Requirements and/or elective classes. Second majors and minors could also possibly count here.

See the online Undergraduate bulletin for more information here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - Additional Information

Other rules:

CBA students also need to be aware of other graduation requirements listed on Degree Audit. Information on the rules regarding the 2.5 GPA requirement, the 60 hour business course requirement, transfer limits, Pass/No Pass limits, general graduation requirements, etc. are listed on Degree Audit. More information about these rules can be found on the online bulletin here:

Undergraduate Bulletin - Other Rules

Completion of Degree Audit for Graduation

Before a student’s last semester for graduation, Degree Audit needs to go complete. This means all areas of Degree Audit are listed with green check marks. The top of DARS will also change for graduating seniors who are correctly signed up for their final semester. A correctly enrolled student should see at the top of Degree Audit:

DARS Screenshot #11

This means the student is signed up for at least what is required for graduation. It is still a good idea to see an advisor to ensure that there are no extra classes that the student is enrolled in.

If a student is expecting to graduate, but Degree Audit does not have the above line, students will see:

DARS Screenshot #12

This indicates that there is a problem with the student’s enrollment, and needs to see an advisor as soon as possible.

This line is found at the top of Degree Audit, immediately before the College Entrance Requirements.

DARS Screenshot #13