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Our staff helps students in all majors and colleges make academic and career decisions, gain experience and pursue employment or further education.

Professional Enhancement Program (PrEP)

The Professional Enhancement Program (PrEP) is a series of four one-credit hour pass/no pass courses designed to develop confident, professional, and connected students for lifelong career success. PrEP’s unique and innovative four-year curriculum prepares business students not only to successfully find an internship or full-time job, but succeed in their career and personal life after college. All students who enter the College of Business Administration are required to take and pass the four PrEP courses.

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Husker Hire Link

Husker Hire Link is an on-line connection between UNL students and alumni, and employers for jobs and internships.
Start using Husker Hire Link to:

  • Search jobs, internships, and employers
  • Post and send resumes
  • Participate in on-campus interviews and career events
Safety in the Job Search
Husker Hire Link

Husker Hire Link a collaborative effort of two professional associations, the National Association of Colleges and Employers and DirectEmployers, with Symplicity and should be used according to the following usage agreements.

First-Year Students

It's never too early to start using Career Services at CBA. We can help you decide on a major, find a part-time job/internship, or help create a resume.

The College of Business Administration encourages first year students to attend career fairs to increase their self awareness and career development. A career fair allows exploring students to see types of employers, internships and entry level jobs that may be of interest and available in the future. Furthermore, the earlier students experience a career fair, the more prepared, polished and professional they will be at subsequent events.

International Students

Students come from all over the world to study at the College of Business Administration (CBA). Career Services at CBA understands finding an internship or post-graduation opportunity can be challenging for international students, but the Career Coaches are dedicated to helping all CBA students find success. International students are encouraged to meet with a Career Coach to discuss their options and explore opportunities.

Career Readiness Certificate for International Students

Career Readiness Certificate for International Students

Career Services at CBA is excited to announce a new program created specifically for international students and their job search. The purpose of the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is to help international students prepare for a job search in the United States. The students who complete the CRC will receive a Career Readiness Certificate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Career Services at College of Business Administration (CBA).

CBA Career Readiness Certificate for international students helps students explore how to make use of their time while in the US so they can be successful when seeking employment. A combination of required tasks and a variety of workshops will build on the knowledge and skills that students develop in the regular curriculum.

MBA Students

Career Services at CBA and the CBA Graduate Programs office partner to enhance career and internship opportunities for MBA students.

MBA Students in Classroom