Global Immersion

Start Something. Globally.

The College of Business’ Global Immersion opportunities will enable you to:

• Strengthen your cross-cultural skills
• Increase your independence, self-reliance and self-confidence
• Enhance your language competency and communication skills
• Improve adaptability, perseverance, and the ability to handle difficult situations
• Develop your competitiveness in the global workforce

CBA Study Abroad Info Sessions

The Undergraduate Programs Office hosts info sessions on all of the CBA Sponsored programs. Click the link below for this semester’s info session schedule.

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UNL Education Abroad

In addition to the 16 CBA Sponsored Global Immersion opportunities, the university sponsors countless other programs all over the world. For additional global immersion opportunities, check out what the Education Abroad Office has to offer.

UNL Education Abroad

Scholarship Application

All CBA students applying for any Global Immersion programs are encouraged to apply for scholarships to assist with going abroad. CBA specific scholarships are selected through the Basic Scholarship Application available on MyWorld. Scholarship deadlines are October 1 for spring programs and February 1 for summer and fall programs.

Education Abroad Scholarships


Winter Break 2017
Panama: Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Locations: City of Knowledge, David, Panama City
Program Highlights: Study Panama’s culture, environment, and people while developing a plan to sustainably harvest trees from a teak tree farm located in Panama, find potential buyers, and distribute the trees internationally.
Course Options: BSAD 491

Panama Program Info at MyWorld

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CBA Faculty Contact

Osiri, John Kalu
Director of International Business Program


Spring Break 2017
Guyana: The Big RED Project - Ecotourism
Locations: Georgetown
Program Highlights: Hosted by the University of Guyana, join with other UNL students to experience a country rich in natural resources and development potential. Students will make a significant contribution to the ecotourism development of this emerging country.
Course Options: BSAD 491

Guyana Program Info at MyWorld

Guyana Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contacts

Ramsay, Colin
E.J. Faulkner Professor
Osiri, John Kalu
Director of International Business Program


Summer 2017
Chile: Business Hub of Latin America
Locations: Santiago
Program Highlights: While learning essential finance concepts, discover the hub of business in Latin America in the city of Santiago, Chile. Students will be paired with local Chilean university students for a three-week culture sharing and business immersion experience.
Course Options: FINA 361, BSAD 491
Application Deadline: February 1

Chile Program Info at MyWorld

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CBA Faculty Contact

Stein, Roberto
Assistant Professor of Practice


Summer 2017
Brazil: Business and Marketing from a Brazilian Perspective
Locations: Porto Alegre
Program Highlights: Get to know local Brazilian university students, gain exposure to a rapidly changing developing country, and experience the unwavering positivity of the people of Brazil all while creating a marketing plan for Tramontina, a large manufacturer in Porto Alegre.
Course Options: MRKT 453, BSAD 491
Application Deadline: February 1

Brazil Program Info at MyWorld

Brazil Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contact

Simon, Rob
Associate Professor of Practice


Summer 2017
Italy: Analyzing Supply Chain Management Around the Amalfi Coast
Locations: Sorrento, Capri Island
Program Highlights: With a focus on Supply Chain Management, experience the classic coastal town of Sorrento through numerous multinational company visits seeing the supply chain process in action. From olive oil to mozzarella, coffee to limoncello, learn about the gems of the Amalfi Coast and the beautiful language of its people.
Course Options: SCMS 331, BSAD 491, MODL 198
Application Deadline: February 1

Italy Program Info at MyWorld

Italy Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contact


Summer 2017 and Semester
Locations: Paderno del Grappa
Program Highlights: Study in Italy with the most course options of any CBA program. While you complete your coursework, you will enhance your international education through company tours, afternoon cultural excursions, field trips, a gourmet Italian meal, and two extended travel weekends.
Course Options: See Course Equivalency List
Application Deadline: February 1 (Summer), March 1 (Fall), October 1 (Spring)

Italy-CIMBA Program Info at MyWorld

Course Equivalency List

Italy-CIMBA Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contact

Osiri, John Kalu
Director of International Business Program


Summer 2017
Husker Race of Spain: Remix in Barcelona
Locations: Barcelona
Program Highlights: Barcelona is a city full of whimsical architecture, excellent cuisine, and unique history. Join in on this Husker Race Remix and search the city for the next clue to win while learning the culture, language, and business practices that make this city the only one like it in the world.
Course Options: BSAD 491, ECON 312, BSAD 220, Spanish language
Application Deadline: February 1

Spain Program Info at MyWorld

Spain Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contact

Miller, Laurie A
Assistant Professor of Practice in Economics


Summer 2017
Husker Race of France: Remix in Aix-en-Provence
Locations: Aix-en-Provence
Program Highlights: Explore the traditional aspects of French culture in this idyllic town of Aix (pronounced like the letter S)-en-Provence. Live with a local family while experiencing the French culture and language while examining the economy and how French business is done.
Course Options: BSAD 220, ECON 312, BSAD 491, French language
Application Deadline: February 1

France Program Info at MyWorld

Additional Courses Offered

France Global Immersion


Summer 2017
Nebraska at Oxford
Locations: Jesus College at Oxford
Program Highlights: Participate in the university’s most popular education abroad program! In this once in a lifetime opportunity you will learn from Oxford faculty, enjoy a West End show with your classmates and explore Oxford, England for 4 weeks.
Course Options: ECON 466, ECON 467, ENGL/THEA 386

England-Oxford Program Info at MyWorld

England Global Immersion

CBA Contact

Mostek, Jennifer
Assistant Director of International Engagement and Advising
Visit Maddie Stuart's Blog of the 2016 Nebraska at Oxford Program

Maddie Stuart is a junior advertising and public relations major and business minor from Lincoln, Nebraska, who left for Europe Thursday, June 30, on one of eight study abroad experiences offered through the UNL College of Business Administration. She is one of 71 students participating in the 28th annual Nebraska at Oxford Program July 17-August 13 at the University of Oxford in England, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Stuart is following in her father’s footsteps as he studied abroad at Oxford in the program’s first class nearly 30 years ago. She is excited to Start Something abroad and share her academic and travel experiences with the CBA community.


Fall Semester
Locations: Tokyo
Program Highlights: You will learn about Japanese business, culture and language in this 13 week program. Live on campus with a Japanese student and participate in a weekend homestay. No prior Japanese language is necessary.
Course Options: BSAD 491, Japanese Language and Culture (transfer credit)
Application Deadline: February 1

Senshu-Japan Program Info at MyWorld

Japan Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contact

Osiri, John Kalu
Director of International Business Program


Fall or Spring Semester
France: ESCEM School of Business and Management
Locations: Poitiers
Program Highlights: Study for a semester in France while focusing on one of four certificate options in business areas and learn French. No prior language training necessary.
Course Options: See Course Options listing
Application Deadline: October 1 or February 1

France-ESCEM Program Info at MyWorld

France-ESCEM Global Immersion

CBA Faculty Contact

Osiri, John Kalu
Director of International Business Program