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Visit Maddie Stuart's Blog of the 2016 Nebraska at Oxford Program

Maddie Stuart is a junior advertising and public relations major and business minor from Lincoln, Nebraska, who left for Europe Thursday, June 30, on one of eight study abroad experiences offered through the UNL College of Business Administration. She is one of 71 students participating in the 28th annual Nebraska at Oxford Program July 17-August 13 at the University of Oxford in England, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Stuart is following in her father’s footsteps as he studied abroad at Oxford in the program’s first class nearly 30 years ago. She is excited to Start Something abroad and share her academic and travel experiences with the CBA community.

Oxford at a Glance

Site: Oxford University
Location: Oxford, England
Language of Instruction: English
Subjects: Economics, English Literature/Theater
Credits: 6 credit hours of UNL credit
Housing: Student residences
Program Length: 4 week summer program; July 17 - August 13, 2016
Type of Program: UNL Faculty - Led
Approximate Costs (2015-2016): Review the MyWorld Budget Sheet
Eligibility: Undergraduate students
ECON 211 and ECON 212 prerequisite for CBA majors/minors
3.0 GPA preferred; 2.5 GPA required
Seniors and juniors are given priority; sophomores and freshman may also participate based on space availability and prerequisites being met
Application Deadline: Friday, November 13, 2015
Social Media Hashtag: #UNLOxford

The University Community

Oxford Community

Oxford University, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, is comprised of 38 independent self-governing colleges and six permanent private halls with a total of more than 20,000 students.

The city of Oxford is located 57 miles northwest of London and has a population of approximately 150,000. It offers a wide variety of activities, from the theater and movies to sporting events, all of which can be reached by walking or bicycling, the popular mode of transportation.

Courses of Study

During the four-week period, students will take two lecture/tutorial courses concerning the British political and international economic policy. Business students enroll in ECON 466 and ECON 467, non-business students can enroll in ECON 466 and either ECON 467 or ENGL/THEA 386. Students will enroll in two courses totaling 6 hours of UNL credit. Students who enroll in both ECON courses may be eligible for an ECON minor, see your academic advisor for more information.

English Theater

ECON 466 - Political Economy of Britain Since 1945: Traces the development of economic policy in Britain since World War II. Special emphasis is placed on the Thatcher era, Britain and Europe, and the post-Thatcher economy.

ECON 467 - International Economics: Covers the British approach to business and economics, including nationalism/privatization, legislation in the United Kingdom, international trade, and business.

ENGL/THEA 386 - Shakespeare’s Dramatic Arts: Concentrates on Shakespeare and the well-known literature of England since the Middle Ages. Field trips and cultural excursions will supplement the course lectures and tutorials.

Final exams are scheduled for the last week of the program. Students prepare for exams through study groups and additional individual readings. Grades for Economics 466 and 467 are based on final exam scores.

Excursions and Travel Opportunities


A variety of excursions are planned for students participating in the Nebraska at Oxford Program. On the first Friday of the program, program participants take a trip to London to see a West End show. During the third week of the program, students take a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to see a Shakespearean play at the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Students also have the opportunity to attend the horse races at Sandown Park near London.

Extended Weekend

An open weekend for travel either in the United Kingdom or the European continent provides students with an additional opportunity to travel. The extended weekend is during the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the second week of the program. Some popular destinations include Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Daily Events


In addition to academics and excursions, students are offered a choice of daily events. Interested students "sign up" for daily events before or after morning lectures. Shakespearean plays performed in the gardens of Oxford college grounds, classical music concerts, high tea at the Old Parsonage Hotel, and guest lectures are all examples of cultural experiences presented to program participants. Football (soccer), croquet, bicycling, ultimate frisbee, tennis, punting, basketball, rounders (cross between cricket and baseball), are among the sporting events offered to program participants.

Living Arrangements

Single rooms are standard at Oxford University. Students can also request a roommate and share a double room which also includes more living space. Community bathrooms are available for all students. Students who choose to have a roommate will share a private bathroom with suitemates. Linens are included and are changed weekly by the house keeping staff. Laundry rooms are centrally located and included in the program fee. All meals are included in the program cost with breakfast, lunch and dinner served at Oxford University.

Why the Oxford Program Stands Out

The Nebraska at Oxford Program is UNL’s most popular program for many reasons. It allows students to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world with classes taught by Oxford faculty. The courses offered are also UNL credit hours, therefore students don’t need to worry about transferring credit. The program offers opportunities build in to the daily activities to explore Oxford and local cultural and historic sites. Due to Oxford’s location, day trips to London are made easy by a short 90 minute bus ride. And after completing this program, students have made connections with 70 other UNL students.

Application Process

All UNL undergraduate students with at least sophomore standing and a 3.0 GPA are encouraged to apply; highly motivated students with 2.5 - 2.99 GPA’s may also apply and be considered for acceptance. CBA major students are required to have completed ECON 211 and ECON 212 before arriving in Oxford; they are prerequisite courses for ECON 467. For non-CBA majors, an understanding of introductory economics is helpful but not required.

Students interested in the Nebraska at Oxford Program apply through Education Abroad's online program, MyWorld. Search for "Oxford" in the program search, select the Nebraska at Oxford program and click "Apply Now".

Applications are accepted from August through the final deadline on Friday, November 13, 2015.

Oxford Application

Individuals interested in the Oxford Study Abroad Program may apply online through the MyWorld system hosted by the UNL Education Abroad Office. All students are required to complete the online application, submit a professional resume, answer essay questions and submit a UNL transcript. Apply online at Education Abroad - Search for "Oxford" in the left-side search box, select the "UNL Faculty-Led: Nebraska at Oxford" Program, and click "Apply Now". In order for an application to be reviewed, all application materials must be complete and submitted by the application deadline.

Blenheim Palace English Bus

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Margo Berends

Oxford was the best summer of my life! Oxford helped me grow and learn as a person. Taking classes at Oxford changed my perspective of the United States and world issues. I loved all the new experiences I had while abroad, thus I now try to take advantage of every new opportunity and experience I am presented with here.

Margo Berends
CBA Student


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