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ESCEM School of Business and Management at a Glance

Site: ESCEM School of Business and Management (formerly France Business School)
Location: Poitiers, France
Language of Instruction: English and French (language course)
Subjects: Management, Marketing, Accounting, Language, General Studies, Electives
Credits: Transferrable to UNL by department validation
Housing: You may: (1) arrange accommodations yourself;
or (2) have the International Exchanges Service arrange accommodations.
Program Length: Fall semester, spring semester, or full academic year
Type of Program: Exchange
Approximate Costs (2014-2015): Review the MyWorld Budget Sheet
Eligibility: Undergraduate (with at least 2 years of undergraduate study in any discipline)
Application Deadline: Spring Semester – October 1, 2015
Social Media Hashtag: #UNLFrance

University Community


Poitiers is located about 90 minutes from Paris and 150 km from the ocean. The Poitiers campus is centrally located and is near by many shops and restaurants, including the university restaurant which is only a 3-minute walk from campus. The railway station is only a 5 minute walk from campus and the area is also served by many bus routes.

Poitiers is known for its youthful population. Almost 1/4 of the total population of the city are students which helps draw a wide variety of cultural, sporting and recreational events for the community.

Students attend class in a beautiful historic building which dates from the 18th century, and is particularly proud of its information library and multimedia room, both situated below the roof (which has the appearance of an upturned ship's hull).

Programs of Study


Undergraduate students have the opportunity to choose between 4 different certificates each semester. Certificates are taught in a modular, sequential manner: students focus on one or two courses before moving on to a new set of courses. This allows students more flexibility, autonomy in learning and managing one's assignments.

ESCEM School of Business and Management develops projects that enable students to become fully involved partnership activities with large companies. The objective is to teach students to adopt a proactive approach and make them aware of the need to adapt to changes in the marketing and selling professions.

Course modules are covered in 4 or 5 days in the classroom. Individual and group projects and exercises are then to be prepared at home between sessions. Final exams are taken during the final class.

Students are also required to take a French language class. Students will take a language test upon arrival to determine their course placement.

Undergraduate Academic Programs (Certificates) Offered:

Academic Program Certificate specifics and course requirements

Excursions and Travel Opportunities


During a semester program there is planned break which allows students an opportunity to travel throughout France and Europe. There are also opportunities to travel before or after the program.

Travel breaks are purposely not structured so that students have the flexibility to travel where and with whom they choose. There is usually at least one other person who has the same interest in traveling to a particular destination so there are plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know many people. Convenient rail connections allow visits within France and to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, England and many European countries. Students can travel virtually anywhere. They have gone to Egypt, Morocco, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Greece, etc.

Why the ESCEM School of Business and Management Program Stands Out


Our France program offers you a chance to live immersed in a French Community by living where you choose, either from residence halls to private apartments. ESCEM School of Business and Management allows students to study business and cultural aspects of France – including selecting a certificate program of your choice, as well as participate in campus activities and get to know students from around the world. You’ll not only get to see amazing sites in France (Paris is just a short 90 min train ride), but throughout Europe! Some of those sites you’ll see that are included in the programs are Boudreaux and Paris Disney World.

Living Arrangements

With the assistance of ESCEM School of Business and Management and the CROUS (regional student organization), students will locate their own accommodation. Choices range from halls of residence to private studios. The majority of rooms are fully furnished.

Application Process

Château de Chenonceau

Any UNL undergraduate (with at least 2 years of undergraduate study) or graduate student in good academic standing is eligible to participate in the program at ESCEM School of Business and Management. The ESCEM School of Business and Management program has a special appeal for business students. Serious students who will adapt readily to the local culture and who will benefit from living in a foreign country will be those selected for the exchange.

The fall semester deadline for application is March 1 and spring semester deadline for application is October 1. Apply online at Education Abroad Application questions should be referred to Education Abroad Love South 110.

Passport and Visa Information

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the required and necessary travel documents in order and in hand prior to their program. It is up to students to find out what you need based on your travel plans and your citizenship. Passport and visa information can be found through the Passport Services or the Education Abroad Office. Passport pictures can be taken at the N Card Office in the Nebraska Union Room 121.

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