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Site: The Consortium of Universities for International Studies (CIMBA); International University
Location: Paderno del Grappa, Italy; one hour northwest of Venice
Language of Instruction: English
Subjects: Business, Journalism, Communications, Italian
Credits: Transfer credit from the University of Iowa; application to degree program requirements by direct equivalency or departmental evaluation.
Housing: On-campus dormitories; each room has its own bathroom.
Program Length: Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions
Type of Program: Study Abroad - UNL Sponsored
Approximate Costs (2015-2016): Review the MyWorld Budget Sheet
Eligibility: Undergraduate students
At least sophomore standing
2.75 GPA preferred; 2.5-2.74 GPA students may also apply and be considered
Application Deadline: Fall semester: April 15 for CIMBA; April 1 for UNL
Spring semester: October 15 for CIMBA; October 1 for UNL
Summer semester: February 15 for CIMBA; March 1 for UNL
Social Media: #UNLCIMBA @CIMBAItaly #CIMBA

The University Community


CIMBA International University (CIU) is located approximately 25 miles north of Venice in the town of Paderno del Grappa. Paderno del Grappa is a small community nestled in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains at the base of Mount Grappa in the Veneto region of Italy. The program is located on the campus of the Istituto Filipin, a private Italian boarding school. The full-service facility includes classrooms, a cafeteria, residence halls, computer and language labs, and modern athletic facilities including indoor swimming pools, cardio and weight room, and gymnasium.

The location of the campus offers the cultural experience of living in a small Italian community while providing direct access to the well-known art and history treasures of the Veneto region. The Veneto, with its major cities of Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona and Treviso, is considered to be the most economically advanced region in Italy. The region is also well known for its physical beauty.

Characterized by the Dolomites to the north and the Adriatic Sea to the south, the region provides a wide variety of both summer and winter sports. There are a number of beaches within a one-hour drive south and world-class skiing in Cortina, approximately two-hours north of the campuses.

Courses of Study

Rialto Bridge

The program offers rigorous, high-quality courses taught in English. CIMBA offers a full range of business core courses and electives, as well as courses in journalism and communication studies. Italian language classes are also available for semester programs.

Students may take up to 12-15 credits of coursework during a semester program or 6 credits during the summer program.

Classes are taught by the best professors from Consortium-member universities. They are recognized as outstanding education professionals with experience and excellence in teaching and research. Classes have approximately 20 students, and emphasize the international learning environment with a focus on current international events and trends.

Undergraduate Course Equivalencies

Italy Study Abroad Course Equivalencies

Extra-Curricular Activities

Italian Pizza

CIMBA offers students many opportunities to earn outside the classroom. Some of the activities students can expect during the semester program include:

  • Company Tours and Guest Speakers
  • Faculty Advisory Groups
  • Career-Development Seminars
  • Recreational Activities
  • Language Exchanges
  • Cultural Field Trips and Dinner Excursions
  • Phi Beta Delta Honor Society

CIMBA Advantage Program

Advantage Program group photo

An optional experience available for semester CIMBA students is through the CIMBA Advantage Program (CAP). CAP provides students an exciting, hands-on learning environment. CAP activities begin during the first two weeks of the CIMBA program. Cross-Cultural Awareness seminars are scheduled throughout the semester.

CAP Program

LEAP (Learn, Enrich, Achieve and Perform):

The LEAP program allows students an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, personal growth and development while also learning subject material in an international setting. Students becoming certified through the Kepner-Tregoe’s leadership program which is a unique and prestigious resume building opportunity.

LEAP Program

Kepner-Tregoe Certificate

LIFE (Leadership Initiative for Excellence):

The LIFE program is an exciting and powerful leadership program that integrates values, purpose, and personal change to helps students develop their inner leader qualities. LIFE allows students to practice and enhance key leadership competencies such as effective communication, decision-making, teamwork, focus, and interpersonal skills.

LIFE Program

Resident Assistant Opportunity

CIMBA employs students to work as resident assistants (RAs) which helps offset the on campus living costs. A number of positions are available each term. The amount is listed on the position description. Being an RA allows students to share their knowledge of the program with new participants while they continue to enhance their own international experience. RA’s work approximately 13 hours per week during the semester and 10 hours per week in the summer. Applications are due November 1st (spring), May 1st (fall) and March 1st (summer).

Resident Assistants Position Descriptions

Excursions and Travel Opportunities

Eiffel Tower

Paderno is located near the base of Mount Grappa, which is a great resource for hiking and sight-seeing. There are other outdoor activities nearby such as rafting, horseback riding, and bicycling. There is also fantastic shopping located in Asolo, Bassano del Grappa, and Venice, as well as some outlet stores like Northface, Benetton, and Diesel. There is also an open-air market in nearby Crespano del Grappa held every Sunday morning that is easily within walking distance. A movie theatre and bowling alley are within driving distance as well as some great restaurants. Paderno itself has several restaurants and cafes within walking distance that students enjoy.

During a semester program there are more than 25 days of scheduled travel time (1 weeklong break and 3 long weekends). During the summer program there are two long weekends scheduled for travel as well as opportunities to travel before or after the program.


Travel breaks are purposely not structured so that students have the flexibility to travel where and with whom they choose. There is usually at least one other person who has the same interest in traveling to a particular destination so there are plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know many people. Courses are scheduled to encourage travel opportunities for students. Convenient rail connections allow visits within Italy and to France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many Eastern European countries. Students can travel virtually anywhere. They have gone to Egypt, Morocco, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Greece, etc.

Living Arrangements

Students are housed in residence halls in a gated campus facility. The availability of single occupancy rooms may fluctuate from semester to semester, if double rooms are required, students are given the opportunity to choose roommates. Most rooms have a private bath, bed, desk, and closet. Linens are included and are changed weekly by the house keeping staff.

Why the CIMBA Program Stands Out

The CIMBA Program is a great mix of both business and cultural aspects of Italy. Students learn from carefully selected faculty and study with individuals from universities across the United States. Paderno del Grappa is a quaint town that offers a fantastic opportunity to live like the locals. The CIMBA program offers a special opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and personal growth though the CIMBA Advantage Program (CAP), available in a semester program only. CAP is offered as part of the program for no extra cost; student participants will earn a certificate from Kepner-Tregoe, a well-renowned leadership opportunity. The CIMBA program also offers a chance to save money by becoming a Resident Assistant. Students will also get the chance to participate in cultural specific seminars, including those in Italian cooking and wine-tasting. CIMBA also highly encourages students to travel through Italy and Europe – with guidance from the CIMBA staff.

Additional reasons to choose CIMBA

Application Process

Building with Italian flag

For a semester or summer program, all students with at least sophomore standing and a 2.75 GPA are encouraged to apply. Strong consideration will be held for students with at least a 2.5 GPA. The program is open to all UNL undergraduate majors but is most attractive to Business, Communication and Journalism majors. Acceptance to the program is dependent on several factors. Candidates are reviewed based not only on grade point average, but also on whom they are as a person. Students who meet both the academic and general requirements of the program generally are accepted. Students find the CIMBA application materials online; the actual applications are submitted online and the remaining required documents are sent via mail or e-mail. The program operates on a rolling admissions basis and could fill before the deadline occurs. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Apply to CIMBA

Students must apply to both UNL and to the CIMBA Program separately.

To apply for the CIMBA program, students must complete the online application through the CIMBA website. UNL students apply as "NON-UI Students" since the program is through the University of Iowa. Students must submit a $40 non-refundable application fee, an academic or professional letter of recommendation (for semester program only), an essay (part of online application), an updated resume, an official UNL transcript, as well as complete the CIMBA application.

Students are also required to complete the UNL application through Education Abroad's online program, MyWorld. Search for "CIMBA" in the left-side search box, select the undergraduate level program and click "Apply Now".

Apply to CIMBA

Trevi Fountain in Rome Docks at Dusk

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It’s not often that you have the opportunity to study and travel abroad. My study abroad adventures through CIMBA were a dream come true, however cliché that may sound. Italy pushed me beyond my comfort zone, tested my navigational skills, challenged me with various language barriers, and educated me beyond belief with the incredible culture that surrounds Europe. I was able to earn college credit, while having the most remarkable summer. I know I will take away the memorable moments and lessons I learned, applying them to my future goals and job opportunities.

Courtney Faber
CIMBA Summer 2014 participant


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