Award Winners


Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Award

The Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Award was initiated to recognize a faculty member whose unique contributions to their profession have risen to a level of excellence in all phases of teaching, research and service. The award is voted on by a group of the awardees peers.

Christopher Tuggle 2014
Arthur Allen 2013
Tom Zorn 2011

Distinguished Teaching Award

Every semester our students nominate the faculty member who has made the most positive impact on their educational experience. The Scholarships, Honors, and Awards faculty committee then reviews the nominees teaching philosophy and syllabi, and selects the winner. The Distinguished Faculty Award is presented to a tenured or tenure-track professor.

Jake Messersmith 2016
Scott Seavey 2015
Scott Friend 2014
Geoffrey Friesen 2013
Subrata Chakrabarty 2012
Aaron Crabtree 2011
John Geppert 2010
William Walstad 2010
Ravi Sohi 2009
Ronald D. Hampton 2008
James R. Schmidt 2008
Amit Saini 2007
Dechun Wang 2006
Scott M. Fuess 2005
Angela Woodland 2004
Ronald D. Hampton 2003
Kathleen A. Farrell 2002
Keng Siau 2001
Fiona Nah 2001
David Rosenbaum 2001
Marc Schneiderjans 2000
John Geppert 2000
David Rosenbaum 2000
Terrence Sebora 1999

Excellence in Teaching Award

The Teaching Excellence Award is presented to a lecturer or adjunct faculty member. The award originates with student nominations each semester. The Scholarships, Honors, and Awards faculty committee then reviews the nominees teaching philosophy and syllabi, and selects the winner.

Jina Morris 2016
Laurie Miller 2015
Sue Vagts 2014
Carlos Asarta 2013
Weixing Li 2012
Warren Luckner 2011
Tammie Fischer 2010
Warren Luckner 2009
Carlos Asarta 2008
Warren Luckner 2007
Marijane Hancock 2006
Debra M. Cosgrove 2005
Orn Bodvarsson 2004
Marijane Hancock 2004

Distinguished Research Award

Quality research productivity is a key component in granting tenure to a professor. In order to encourage the younger faculty in their research, the College of Business Administration established the Faculty Research Award in 2004. Faculty submit their research records to the Research Committee who review and select the winner.

Yijia Lin 2016
Peter Harms 2015
Alok Kumar 2014
Christopher Tuggle 2013
Geoffery Friesen 2012
Seth Giertz 2012
Peter Harms 2011
Yijia Lin 2010
Emre Unlu 2009
Sam Allgood 2008
Sucheta Nadkarni 2007
Fiona Nah 2006
Keng Siau 2005
Kathleen A. Farrell 2004
Ravi Sohi 2004

Best Paper Award

Being able to convey ideas through written research papers is the ultimate outcome for a professor spending months or years researching a particular topic. The Best Paper Award was instituted to recognize excellence in writing research papers and to foster the pursuit of excellence from all CBA faculty engaged in the process of producing research papers.

Jenna Pieper 2016
Jing Wang 2015
Stanislava Nikolova 2014
Seth Giertz 2013
Scott Seavey 2013
Fiona Nah 2012
Amit Saini 2011
Emre Unlu 2011

Faculty Service Award

The Faculty Service Award recognizes a distinguished faculty member who has shown a commitment and dedication to service in a variety of areas that go above and beyond the core responsibilities of teaching and research.

Scott Fuess 2016
John Geppert 2015
Terrence Sebora 2014
James Brown 2013
Richard DeFusco 2012
Donna Dudney 2011

Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a member of the professional or clerical staff that supports the work of the College. This award recognizes staff who show consistently outstanding job performance; provide service or support above and beyond the call of duty; exemplify or inspire a “teamwork” attitude; make innovative or creative contributions.

Nominees can be nominated by their departments, faculty, or students. The Scholarships, Honors, and Awards Committee makes the final selection based on the record of the nominees.

  • Nominee must be employed permanently, .50 FTE or more in the University.
  • Nominee must have a CBA appointment.
  • Employee cannot be on corrective probation.
  • The Distinguished Service Award can be received once every 3 years.
Nes Comez-Vance 2016
Sheri Irwin-Gish 2015
Erin Burnette 2014
Suzanne Reinke 2014
David Hartline 2013
Michelle Jacobs 2012
Kathy Thornton 2010
Carol Nelson 2010
Carol Danielson 2009
C.J. Bachman 2009
Michelle Jacobs 2008
Shawn Aguirre 2008
Jeff Burdic 2007
Kathy Schoonover 2007
Andrea Johnson 2006
Linda Hietbrink 2005
Michelle Jacobs 2004
David DeFruiter 2003
Cathy Watson 2002
Carol Nelson 2001
D'vee Buss 2000
Michelle Jacobs 1999

MBA Distance Teaching Award

The MBA Distance Teaching Award was established in 2005. All on-line students are requested to vote for their favorite professor, thus determining the winner.

Geoffrey Friesen 2016
Elina Ibrayeva 2015
Emre Unlu 2014
Emre Unlu 2013
Steve Welton 2013
Emre Unlu 2012
Emre Unlu 2011
Marc Schniederjans 2010
Jim Brown 2009
Gordon V. Karels 2009
Gordon V. Karels 2007
Donna Dudney 2006
Hank van den Berg 2006
Gordon V. Karels 2005
Richard DeFusco 2005
Marc Schniederjans 2005

Graduate Research Assistant Award

The Graduate Research Assistant Award is presented to the student with the most impressive research record. The student is nominated by his advisor and selected by the Research Committee.

Jessica Mikeska 2014
Jeff Johnson 2013
Justine Rapp 2012
DonHee Lee 2011
Sang Heui Lee 2010
Michael Krush 2009
Clinton Lanier 2008
Amber Epp 2007
Tara Wernsing 2006
Risto Moisio 2005
Xin Tan 2004
Seongbae Lim 2003
Susan Jensen 2002
Hwanyong Kim 2001

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Graduate Teaching Assistant Award is presented to a graduate student who has teaching responsibilities.

Jennifer Bernard 2016
Pavel Jeutang 2014
Joseph Matthes 2013
Jiri Tresl 2012
Shannon Cummins 2011
Sam Nelson 2010
Julie Pennington 2008
Yi Zhang 2007
Carlos Asarta 2006
Abhirjun Dutta 2005
Brad Cripe 2004
Lynn A. (Susie) Pryor 2003
Peter Sherman 2002
Lee McGinnis 2001

Dean's Coin Award

The Dean's Coin is presented to individuals who have gone above and beyond to help others in the College of Business Administration.

Anyone can nominate a colleague by sending an email to Rik Barrera, assistant dean at the UNL College of Business Administration.

James Fairchild / Kimberly Smith

Dean's Coin Award

James Fairchild 2015
Wendy Hunt 2015
Shelley Harrold 2015
Nes Comez-Vance 2015
Jill Havlat 2015
Kathy Mellick 2015
Kimberly Smith 2015
Deborah Eisloeffel 2015
Krista Hoover 2015
Sara Weixelman 2015
James Gentry 2015
Rob Simon 2015
Varkey Titus Jr. 2015
Jerry Sellentin 2015
Samuel Nelson 2015
Marijane Hancock 2015
Sue Vagts 2015
Gerry Finnegan 2015
William B. Walstad 2015
James Schmidt 2015
Scott Seavey 2015
Erin Burnette 2015
Jennifer Davidson 2015
Laurie Miller 2015
Amanda Colborn 2014
Jeremy Caldwell 2014
Patti Schomaker 2014
Michelle Jacobs 2014
Patty Schomaker 2014
Matt Dussault 2014
James Fairchild 2014
Kimberly Smith 2014
Mark Davis 2014
Jeannine Berge 2014
John Anderson 2014
Donna Dudney 2014
Glenn Williams 2014
Sam Nelson 2014
Jerry Sellentin 2014
Varkey Titus 2014
Les Carlson 2014
Amit Saini 2014
Deb Cosgrove 2014
Gretchen Mills 2013
Mary Fischer 2013
Ann Chalupa 2013
Michelle Jacobs 2013
Sheri Irwin-Gish 2013
Steven Craig 2013
Debra Cosgrove 2013
Gordon Quitmeyer 2013
Jean Riley-Schultz 2013
Trevor Shonhiwa 2013
Carlos Asarta 2013
Laurie Miller 2013
Sam Nelson 2013
Rose Graves 2013
Michelle Jacobs 2013
Mark Davis 2012
David Hartline 2012
Kathi Ellis 2012
Nancy Kenny 2012
Charlotte Frank 2012
Carol Nelson 2012
Roger Simonsen 2012
Michelle Jacobs 2012