College of Business Administration

  1. Only faculty or permanent staff may request checkout equipment.
  2. All equipment is loaned for a maximum of 14 days (For special exceptions, see 3). The requestor must return the equipment at the end of the reservation period. If no one has reserved the equipment, the requestor may be able to check out the equipment for another 14 day period.
  3. Special exceptions may be made to the 14 day policy for circumstances such as conferences or foreign travel. If a requestor desires an exception, they may submit a service request at and include what type of equipment is desired, and why an exception should be made.
  4. The requestor must pick up the equipment from the CBA IT Help Center in CBA 23.
  5. The requestor must return the equipment to the CBA IT Help Center in CBA 23.
  6. The department of the requestor will be held responsible for any repair or replacement of the equipment should it be lost or damaged.
  7. If a permanent employee or faculty member checks out equipment for student use, their department will be responsible for repair or replacement should the equipment be damaged or lost.
  8. No equipment is for sale.
  9. No equipment is available for permanent checkout.
  10. No equipment is available for semester checkout.
  11. As resources are limited, the CBA IT Help Center cannot guarantee availability of checkout equipment.
  12. Upon return of checkout devices, all user data will be erased to ensure that user data remains only in the hands of authorized persons and that our equipment continues to operate at peak performance. This includes data left on all laptops, cameras, camcorders.
Past Due Equipment

All checkout computers are equipped with security software that will disable the computer if it falls past due.

A memo will be sent to the requester reminding them to return the equipment when it falls one day past due. If an item falls three days past due, a second memo will be sent to the requestor that the department will be billed for the equipment if it is still not returned and a copy of the memo will be sent to the department head.

If the equipment falls seven days past due, the requestor’s department will be charged for the replacement of the equipment.