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The Bureau of Business Research is regularly featured and quoted in national and local Nebraska news media with regards to the economic data produced by the BBR research efforts.

Below are recent stories that have highlighted BBR research.

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Irwin-Gish, Sheri
Executive Director of Communications, Marketing and External Relations
Thompson, Eric
W.W. Marshall Associate Professor of Economics, Director of the Bureau of Business Research

BBR Featured News Items

Date Organization Headline
10/24/16 Nebraska Radio Network Economic optimism in the forecast for early 2017
10/21/16 The Columbus Telegram Economic report reveals gaps in local perspective
10/21/16 CBA News Indicator: Growing Optimism About 2017
10/21/16 Omaha World-Herald Moderate growth seen for Nebraska in early 2017
10/21/16 Lincoln Journal Star Surveys differ on state's economic outlook
10/21/16 Omaha World-Herald Moderate growth seen for Nebraska in early 2017
10/10/16 KLIN News Talk 1400 AM A disconnect In Consumer and Business Confidence In Nebraska
10/10/16 The Daily Nebraskan Survey: Nebraska businesses confident, but consumers are less so
10/7/16 Omaha World-Herald Consumers not as bullish as Nebraska businesses, UNL economist says
10/7/16 Lincoln Journal Star UNL surveys show divergence between businesses, consumers
10/7/16 UNL Newsroom September surveys show optimistic businesses, wary consumers
9/28/16 Omaha World-Herald UNL economists: Businesses face mismatch of jobs and skills; ConAgra's move won't derail Omaha's growth
9/19/16 KLIN News Talk 1400 AM More Signs of Slow Nebraska Economic Growth in 2017
9/16/16 CBA News Indicator: More Signs of Slow Nebraska Growth in Early 2017
9/16/16 UNL Newsroom Indicator shows more signs of slow growth in early 2017
9/6/16 Nebraska Radio Network Nebraska consumer and business confidence hold steady in August
9/2/16 Lincoln Journal Star Report: Consumer confidence remains steady in state
9/2/16 CBA News Consumer and Business Confidence Hold Steady
9/2/16 UNL Newsroom August surveys: Consumer and business confidence hold steady
8/23/16 UNL Newsroom Report shows manufacturing's importance to state economy
8/23/16 Radio 570 WNAX Strong Economic Growth Expected to Cool in Nebraska
8/19/16 UNL Newsroom Indicator: Nebraska's growth to moderate in early 2017
8/19/16 CBA News Indicator: Nebraska Growth to Moderate in Early 2017
8/19/16 Signs point to more economic growth in Nebraska this year, slowdown in 2017
8/5/16 UNL survey finds improving consumer confidence
8/5/16 Lincoln Journal Star Consumer confidence, employment outlook remain positive in state
8/4/16 UNL Newsroom July surveys show improving consumer confidence
7/29/16 UNL Newsroom Indicator: Nebraska should see strong growth through year's end
7/29/16 Lincoln Journal Star Survey: Nebraska should see strong growth
7/29/16 CBA News Indicator: Nebraska Growth Strong Through the Rest of 2016
7/29/16 Nebraska Radio Network Latest UNL report sees strong economic growth for Nebraska rest of the year
7/29/16 June index’s rapid increase signals growth for rest of year
7/8/16 Lincoln Journal Star Business, consumer outlooks both improved in June, surveys show
7/8/16 UNL Newsroom June surveys show solid employment outlook
6/28/16 NBC Nebraska Construction employment expected to hit Nebraska record
6/24/16 The Grand Island Independent Nebraska farm income expected to rebound in 2017
6/21/16 Nebraska Radio Network Nebraska economy appears to be losing momentum
6/18/16 The Grand Island Independent Nebraska economy losing momentum
6/17/16 CBA News Indicator: A Loss of Momentum
6/17/16 UNL Newsroom Economic indicator shows loss of momentum in late 2016
6/17/16 Hints seen of slower Nebraska economic growth
6/7/16 Nebraska Radio Network Nebraska businesses upbeat, consumers cautious about state economy
6/3/16 UNL Newsroom UNL in the national news: May 2016
6/3/16 UNL Newsroom May surveys: Businesses expect growth despite reluctant consumers
5/20/16 CBA News Nebraska Economic Outlook Remains Strong
5/20/16 UNL Newsroom Indicator: Nebraska economic outlook remains strong
5/20/16 News Channel Nebraska Signs Point to Brisk Growth in State Economy in Rest of 2016
5/20/16 Economic study: Omaha improving as a place to do business
5/20/16 Signs point to brisk growth in state economy in rest of 2016
5/7/16 Consumer confidence up a bit in Nebraska
5/2/16 CBS Money Watch Nebraska town rejects plan to create 1,100 jobs
5/2/16 Fox News Tiny Nebraska town says no to 1,100 new jobs
4/15/16 CBA News Economic Indicator: Nebraska’s Growth Prospects Improve
4/15/16 Index signals strong growth for this summer
4/1/16 Lincoln Journal Star Business expectations climb, consumer confidence level in UNL surveys
4/1/16 KLIN News Talk 1400 AM Mixed Economic News for Nebraska
4/1/16 UNL Newsroom Business expectations improve in Nebraska
3/18/16 Nebraska Radio Network Leading economic indicators report shows positive outlook for Nebraska
3/18/16 Lincoln Journal Star Two reports bode well for state's economy
3/18/16 UNL index: Signs point to 'stronger growth in the Nebraska economy'
3/8/16 Nebraska’s consumer confidence almost up to ‘neutral’
3/4/16 Lincoln Journal Star State consumer confidence grows but stays low
3/4/16 UNL Today State economy surveys show mixed outlook
2/19/16 Lincoln Journal Star UNL index predicts modest economic growth for summer
2/19/16 UNL News Room Nebraska economy to grow slowly this summer
2/19/16 UNL Today State economy to see slow summer growth
2/8/16 Nebraska Radio Network Nebraska’s consumer confidence dips while businesses show optimism
2/5/16 Lincoln Journal Star Report: Consumer confidence drops among Nebraskans
2/5/16 Consumer confidence ‘is weak in Nebraska,’ new survey finds
2/5/16 UNL News Room January surveys: Businesses optimistic, but consumer confidence is down
2/4/16 Lincoln Journal Star Report shows 'skills gap' in Lincoln largely due to education
1/15/16 Lincoln Journal Star UNL economic indicator falls slightly in December
1/15/16 Slight December decline 'dampens expectations for growth' in state economy
1/15/16 CBA News Nebraska’s Leading Indicator Declines During December
1/12/16 Is Omaha a credit to Obama? It’s arguable, economists say
1/08/16 Survey: State's businesses mixed on economy for 1st half of 2016