CBA Parents Newsletter - September 2015

Hello Parents,
We had a great kick-off to the school year with over 450 members of the CBA community celebrating at the Back to School Bash. Check out our short video montage here:
Something I would like to encourage you to discuss with your son or daughter is the possibility of a study-abroad program. This is truly a transformational opportunity, and I often have students telling me it was the best thing they’ve done. Research shows that study abroad is associated with all sorts of good outcomes such as greater chances of getting a high paying job, higher GPA upon return, getting into graduate school, success on the job, etc.
Each program is unique and provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture. Travel opportunities are available before, during or after the program. In many instances, study abroad can be done for almost the same cost as attending courses at UNL. Scholarships are available too.
ENGLAND - Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Students take two lecture/tutorial courses concerning the British political and international economic policy during the four-week period. Students will enroll in two courses totaling six hours of UNL credit.
JAPAN - Senshu University is a private institution; the UNL program is held on the suburban campus located in Kawasaki City, about a 20-minute train ride from Tokyo. The Senshu Business Culture and Language (BCL) academic program consists of three courses especially designed for program participants. Students earn 17 total credit hours of Japanese language credit, business elective and modern language elective credit.
ITALY - CIMBA International University (CIU) is located approximately 25 miles north of Venice in the town of Paderno del Grappa. The location offers the cultural experience of living in a small Italian community while providing access to the well-known art and history treasures of the Veneto region. CIMBA offers a full range of business core courses and electives, as well as courses in journalism and communication studies taught in English.
CHINA - The program includes an overview of China from a business perspective during a four-week summer study abroad program in Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai, China. Students take three credit hours through UNL for the business aspects of the program as well as a Chinese culture class for credit transfer.
FRANCEThe Poitiers campus is located about 90 minutes from Paris. France Business School develops projects that enable students to become fully involved in partnership activities with large companies. Course modules are covered in four-five days in the classroom. Individual and group projects and exercises are then prepared at home between sessions.
BRAZIL - This opportunity allows students to spend three weeks exploring Florianopolis, Brazil and the surrounding area.  Students take three credit hours through UNL, and interact with large corporations in the Florianopolis area.
SPAIN - The Spain study abroad opportunity will visit Valencia and Barcelona. Students participate in a global business competition and prepare a consulting report for a Spanish corporation. Students can earn up to six credit hours of UNL credit.
UGANDA - This spring break service learning opportunity is a joint trip with the College of Engineering and the College of Business Administration. Business students assist a local business with the development of a business and marketing plan, while College of Engineering students assist the business with automation and mechanization of its manufacturing process. Business students earn three hours of UNL credit. 
If these areas do not necessarily interest your student, there are additional opportunities in Australia and Germany. For more information, please visit