CBA Parents Newsletter - February 2016

This cold wind and piles of snow outside my window don’t exactly make me think spring, but I definitely hope spring is on the fast track. It won’t be that long until your student is talking to you about their plans for spring break, which is March 20-27.
What does spring break mean for you and your student? Have you had a chance to discuss it? And contrary to popular belief, mom and dad, not every student ends up on the beach getting a tan. While there’s nothing wrong with some sand and sun, there are more and more opportunities gaining traction for alternative break activities.
·   Relaxing. Just letting go of the textbooks and study guides for a few days can be a relief, even if they stay on campus. A break from the daily grind of studying and writing papers can recharge batteries and renew commitments when classes resume. Movie marathons, lunch with friends somewhere other than the cafeteria or union – even a couple of extra days to just be at home could be among the options.
·   Volunteering. As students become more aware of philanthropy and its impact on communities, the Center for Civic Engagement has created Alternative Service Breaks (ASB) for UNL students. ASB places teams of college students in communities to engage in community service and experiential learning. Students perform short term projects for community organizations and learn about issues such as disaster relief and mitigation, literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness and the environment. (
·   Internship/job searches. There’s still time for your son or daughter to explore options regarding summer internships. The CBA Career Services team has a number of tools to help students find open positions, prepare for the interview process and even apply to graduate school. (
If you are deciding if or how to have a discussion with your son or daughter about graduate degrees or wondering what a graduate class looks like at CBA, I invite you to meet Chris Tuggle, assistant professor in management, and his business strategy class: Class Experience video
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