CBA Parent Newsletter from Dean Plowman - 10/29/13

Hello, CBA parents! Another semester mile-marker is in the books, I hope fall break was a good time for you to catch up with your son or daughter. The hustle and bustle in CBA seems to be picking up the pace as we race towards the finish line of the fall semester. While I realize your son or daughter is an independent young adult, I thought you might not mind knowing some of the upcoming university dates/deadline that we are discussing here in CBA.

Monday, October 28th begins Priority Registration for spring semester classes. I know it seems like you just got them here, but students are beginning, depending on their priority, to register for spring classes now. Priority registration runs through November 12th according to the schedule below and open enrollment begins November 13th. Traditionally the University allocates three days for each category of students to register; below are the priority categories and corresponding dates.

  • Seniors (89 credit hours or more) – October 28-30
  • Juniors (53-88) – October 31-November 4
  • Sophomores (27-52) – November 5-7
  • Freshmen (0-26) – November 8-12

Our Undergraduate Advising team has additional information available at our Priority Registration webpage. Please encourage your student to take advantage of the opportunity and get their spring schedule set sooner than later – those preferred classes go fast!

Monday, December 16th begins the week of fall semester final exams. This can be a stressful time for students. Here are some tips I found that might help navigate the tense moments as your student clears the final hurdle before the holiday break. If you get the chance in conversations with your son or daughter, you might hit on any of the tips about exam studying below:

  • Start early. Noting the deadlines for classes can help students prioritize group projects and schedule study time. Tests won’t be the only things students may have to prepare and scheduling a group can get difficult in the final hours.
  • Encourage them to find a study group. While this study style may not be optimal for everyone, sometimes the peer component of group sessions can help alleviate the fear of asking for help. Students can play an active part in helping each other.
  • Stay positive. Try not to focus on the outcome but rather the process. Let them talk to you about their anxieties and reassure them they have the tools to succeed.
  • Remind them to take care of themselves. Often they can get so wrapped up in the stress and pressure they forget to eat or get enough sleep. Rundown immune systems can cause even more stress. Eating nutritious snacks and meals and getting a good night’s sleep play a big part in success.

The doors of CBA communication are open, and I welcome your messages any time. Have a wonderful fall.

--Dr. Donde Plowman, James Jr. and Susan Stuart Endowed Dean