Colleen Jones

Associate Professor of Practice
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CBA 262
P.O. Box 880491
Lincoln, NE 68588-0491
Phone: +1-402-472-3001
Fax: +1-402-472-5855

  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Minority Issues
Additional Information
Colleen Jones is an educator and consultant, specializing in leadership organizational behavior and development, and managerial and executive training. Dr. Jones earned her Doctor of Business Administration degree in Organizational Behavior from The George Washington University School of Business and Public Management (Department of Management Science). She also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Iowa in Accounting and Quantitative Analysis; and a Master of Business Administration degree in Management and Finance from The University of Southern California. Dr. Jones received an American Fellowship from the American Association of University Women to underwrite her doctoral research project titled, "Learning to Lead: A Study of the Developmental Paths of African-American Women College Presidents." That dissertation was recognized by the Academy of Management's Women in Management Division with the Best Dissertation Award Runner Up Certificate. Dr. Jones' research has been published in the Journal of Management Education (1994); Perspectives on Minority Women in Higher Education; Black Women in the Academy (1997); and Teaching Diversity: Listening to the Soul and Speaking from the Heart (1996). In 1998, she received a Layman Trust Award to continue her research on the leadership development and approaches of African-American administrators, executives, and managers. Previous work in this area has been published in Perspectives on Minority Women in Higher Education and Black Women in the Academy. Dr. Jones' other publications have come from examinations of the intersection of gender and race in learning environments. Those articles can be found in the Journal of Management Education (1994) and Diversity:Listening to the Soul and Speaking from the Heart (1996). Dr. Jones is Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. From 1991-1996, she was a member of the faculty of the Suffolk University Frank Sawyer School of Management (Boston, MA) as an Assistant Professor of Management. She teaches courses in leadership, organizational behavior and development, and management communications. In addition to her teaching background, Dr. Jones also has ten years of experience in management and higher education administration (which includes being Assistant to the President of Tennessee State University, and the Director of Special Support Services and TRIO Coordinator at the University of Iowa); and college level teaching in business administration, and the behavioral sciences at the University of Tennessee and the George Washington University. Dr. Jones is a certified administrator and consultant for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which she often utilizes in her teaching, research and consulting activities. Her research interests include: 1)leadership development; 2)access and advancement of women and people of color in executive positions; 3)cognitive style assessment; 4) teaching and learning systems; and 5)organizational communication issues (e.g., networking, conflict resolution). A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Jones currently resides in Lincoln, NE. Dr. Jones presently serves on the Board of Reviewers for the Journal of Management Education. She also serves as a design consultant and faculty member for the Emerging Women Leader's Institute sponsored by the National Association for Women in Education. Dr. Jones' other accomplishments and community service activities are noted in the 3rd Edition of Who's Who Among Black Americans, as well as in Who's Who of Women Executives.