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Dr. Rick Edwards Writes Essay for Obama Inauguration Gift story photo
Dr. Rick Edwards Writes Essay for Obama Inauguration Gift
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Contemporary Faculty Research

Recent research accomplishments from the college:

CBA Faculty Research Highlights - September 2013

CBA Faculty Research Highlights - February 2013

Leading Economic Indicator - Nebraska

The Bureau of Business Research (BBR) measures the Nebraska economy on a monthly basis through Leading Economic Indicator reports that project the condition of the Nebraska economy. The report is unique in that it uses six key economic indicators to make its projections so people better understand the factors that create growth in the state economy.

Leading Economics Indicator Monthly Reports at the BBR

Faculty Testimonials

The College of Business Administration at UNL is the home to many of the leading teachers and researchers in the nation. The strength of our faculty can be found in the success and testimonials of our students and alumni.

They probably don't know it but there have been some amazing professors who've helped me to be where I am. I was able to take all those different things I've learned from the College of Business and put it all into play in the real world.

Blake Lawrence
Founder of Hurrdat Social Media

Coming from a small town I was kind of worried because UNL is a big campus, but you get to know the professors and you get to have a closer relationship with them than you might think at a large university.

Taylor Pugh
2011 UNL School of Accountancy FSA Student Award Winner

You learn here at CBA from professors that have been there. CBA professors have actually done real world implementation of textbook theory.

Mark Suleiman
Creator of the Shark Club Investment Fund
Farrell, Kathleen A

Kathleen A Farrell

Senior Associate Dean of the UNL College of Business Administration


CBA 214

P.O. Box 880490

Lincoln, NE 68588-0490


Fax: +1-402-472-5140


Colin Ramsay lecturing in CBA

Colin Ramsay lecturing in CBA