Mary Uhl-Bien

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Mary Uhl-Bien

Professor, Howard Hawks Chair in Business Ethics and Leadership
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CBA 269
P.O. Box 880491
Lincoln, NE 68588-0491
Phone: +1-402-472-2314
Fax: +1-402-472-5855

Joined the college in August, 2006.

  • Business Ethics
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
PhD, Organizational Behavior Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
Research Interests
Relational Leadership, Complexity Leadership, Followership, Ethics
Teaching Interests
Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Ethics
Published In
Academy of Management Journal Journal of Applied Psychology The Leadership Quarterly Journal of Management Group & Organization Management Organizational Dynamics Human Relations
Refereed Publications
Selected Publications Uhl-Bien, M., & Marion, R. (Eds.) (2008). Complexity Leadership, Part I: Conceptual Foundations. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Shamir, B., Pillai, R., Bligh, M., & Uhl-Bien, M. (Eds.) (2007). Follower-Centered Perspectives on Leadership: A Tribute to the Memory of James R. Meindl. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.

Recent Refereed Publications:
Uhl-Bien, M., Marion, R., & McKelvey, B. (2007). Complexity Leadership Theory: Shifting leadership from the industrial age to the knowledge era. The Leadership Quarterly, 18(4), 298-318. Uhl-Bien, M., & Carsten, M. (2007). Being ethical when the boss is not. Organizational Dynamics, 36, 2, 187-201. Lichtenstein, B., Uhl-Bien, M., Marion, R., Seers, A., Orton, D., & Schreiber, C. (2006). Complexity leadership theory: An interactive perspective on leading in complex adaptive systems. Emergence: Complexity and Organization, 8(4), 2-12. Uhl-Bien, M. (2006). Relational Leadership Theory: Exploring the social processes of leadership and organizing. The Leadership Quarterly, 17(6), 654-676. Tepper, B.J., Uhl-Bien, M., Kohut, G.F., Rogelberg, S.G., & Ensley, M.D., & Lockhart, D. (2006). Subordinates’ resistance and managers’ evaluations of subordinates’ performance. Journal of Management, 32(2), 185-209.

Book Chapters:
Marion, R., & Uhl-Bien, M. (2007). Paradigmatic influence and leadership: The perspectives of complexity theory and bureaucracy theory. In J. K. Hazy, J. A. Goldstein & B. B. Lichtenstein (Eds.), Complex systems leadership theory: New perspectives from complexity science on social and organizational effectiveness. Mansfield, MA: ISCE Publishing, 143-159. Uhl-Bien, M., & Pillai, R. (2007). The romance of leadership and the social construction of followership. In B. Shamir, R. Pillai, M. Bligh, & M. Uhl-Bien (Eds.), Follower-centered perspectives on leadership: A tribute to the memory of James R. Meindl (pp. 187-209). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing. Marion, R., & Uhl-Bien, M. (2007). Complexity and strategic leadership. In R. Hooijberg, J. Hunt, K. Boal, & J. Antonakis, (Eds.), Being there even when you are not: Leading through strategy, structures, and systems. Monographs in Leadership and Management, Volume 4 (pp. 273-287). Amsterdam: Elsevier. Uhl-Bien, M. (2005). Implicit theories of relationships in the workplace. In B. Schyns & J.R. Meindl (Eds.), Implicit leadership theories: Essays and explorations (pp. 103-133). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing. Uhl-Bien, M. (2003). Relationship development as a key ingredient for leadership development. In S. Murphy & R. Riggio (Eds.), The future of leadership development (pp. 129-147). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Uhl-Bien, M., Graen, G.B., & Scandura, T. (2000). Implications of leader-member exchange (LMX) for strategic human resource management systems: Relationships as social capital for competitive advantage. In G. Ferris (Ed.), Research in personnel and human resource management (Vol. 18, pp. 137-185). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

Books: Bryman, A., Jackson, B, Grint, K., Collinson, D, & Uhl-Bien, M. (Eds.). Handbook of Leadership. London: Sage. Uhl-Bien, M., Marion, R., & Hazy, J. Complexity Leadership, Part II: Methodological Issues and Empirical Approaches. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers.

Manuscripts Under Review:
Uhl-Bien, M., & Marion, R. The mechanisms of emergence in Complexity Leadership Theory: A meso-model of adaptive dynamics in organizations. Submitted: Special issue of The Leadership Quarterly on Meso-Modeling of Leadership: Integrating Micro- and Macro- Perspectives of Leadership. (Revise & Resubmit) Carsten, M., Uhl-Bien, M., Patera, J., West, B., & McGregor, R. The social construction of followership. The Leadership Quarterly. (Under review)
UNL Parents Association Certificate of Recognition for Contribution to Students, awarded in January, 2007 and January, 2008. Seacrest Faculty Award for Outstanding Teaching, Research and Outreach, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, awarded November, 2007. Best Reviewer Award (The “Bernie”) for The Leadership Quarterly, July, 2007 Best Paper Award for article entitled “Leadership in Complex Organizations” in The Leadership Quarterly.
Additional Information
CONFERENCES ORGANIZED Leadership and Complexity Symposium II, George Washington University (with Russ Marion, Paul Hanges, Jim Hazy, Margaret Gorman), Nov. 6-8, 2005. Leadership and Complexity Symposium, Center for Creative Leadership (with Russ Marion, Ellen Van Velsor, and Jerry Hunt), May 13-15, 2005.

PDW Program Chair, 2006, The Network of Leadership Scholars, Academy of Management A Founding Chair of “The Network of Leadership Scholars,” a new organizing concept introduced and approved the Academy of Management Board of Governors in April, 2005 Chair of Leadership Interest Group Committee, 2001-2005 Representative-at-Large, Organizational Behavior Division, Academy of Management, 2003-2006

Senior Editor, The Leadership Horizons Series, Information Age Publishing, 2005-present. Special Issue Editor, Leading in Extreme Contexts, The Leadership Quarterly (forthcoming 2010) (Sean Hannah, Mary Uhl-Bien & Bruce Avolio) Special Issue Editor, Ethics, Organizational Dynamics, Summer 2007. Special Issue Editor, Leadership and Complexity, The Leadership Quarterly, August, 2007 (Russ Marion & Mary Uhl-Bien) Associate Editor, The Leadership Quarterly, 1999-2001, 2005-2008 Editorial Board, The Academy of Management Journal, 2002-2004, 2004-2007, 2007-2010