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CBA Offers New Graduate and Certificate Programs
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The UNL College of Business Administration offers students the chance to earn a Big Ten business degree and receive the best educational value in the country. We offer a bachelor of science in business administration degree, as well as five masters degrees, three joint masters degrees (juris doctorate/master of business administration, juris doctorate/master of professional accountancy, and master of business administration/master of architecture) and two doctor of philosophy degrees.

Undergraduate Program
  • Ten Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Majors
Masters Programs
Ph.D. Programs

All of our programs strive not only for academic excellence in the classroom but also allow students to learn critical thinking, communication, and research skills that they can apply in all areas of life upon graduation. The college is constantly examining its programs to ensure that each degree offered is a priority rather than an afterthought. Ph.D. students are consistently placed in quality jobs upon graduation and have been given the tools and capacity to excel in their careers.

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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Undergraduate Programs

CBA 114
1240 R Street

P.O. Box 880405

Lincoln, NE 68588-0405


CBA Graduate Advising
For questions regarding graduate admissions, please contact:
CBA Graduate Advising