• UNL MBA students: Earn a specialization in business analytics

  • UNL Master's and Ph.D. students: Earn a minor in business comprised of business analytics courses

  • Business Professionals: Earn a certificate in business analytics

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Masters / MBA Students

The business analytics program offered at CBA is ideal for business professionals who want to be able to make better business decisions based on understanding the data available to them.

Donde Plowman
James Jr. and Susan Stuart Endowed Dean
College of Business Administration

Dean Donde Plowman
Learn to Leverage the Power of Big Data
         University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration Business Analytics Graduate Program --
         Develop solutions to specific business problems through data -- Four courses -- 100% online -- Courses start
         January 2014

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Steps to Enroll Now

  1. Complete an application for admission
    > If you would like to apply to the MBA program and earn a specialization in business analytics, please refer to the MBA admissions requirements and application procedures
    > Non-degree seeking and/or certificate students should complete the application for Admission to Graduate Study
  2. Ensure that you have met the pre-requisite of an introductory statistics course with a grade of C or better. If not, you can take UNL’s ECON215 or STAT218. For students who are not in the Lincoln area, an equivalent course can be taken at a college or university in your local area. Refer to UNL's transfer equivalency webpage to make sure the course you take has been evaluated as being equivalent to UNL’s ECON215 or STAT218.
  3. Contact CBA’s Graduate Programs Office to obtain a class code for enrollment. cbagrad@unl.edu or call 402-472-2338. Registration begins 30 days prior to the start of the class.
  4. Once you have completed steps 1 – 3, you can enroll via MyRed

Required Courses to Complete Business Analytics Program

GRBA 851 is required as the first course in the program, as it explains what business analytics is, why it is so important and how to use it. It also includes an overview of the principles, concepts and applications of business analytics. Upon completion of GRBA 851, the other three courses may be taken in any sequence.

GRBA 851 Business Analytics

Instructor - Schniederjans / Course Term - January to early March and repeated June to July

Concepts Needed Prior to Taking Course:
Skills and Abilities Gained in Course:

Prereqs: Permission of CBA Graduate Programs Office

Broad understanding and knowledge of important business analytic topics and how they can be used to support decision making in all business areas, government, education, and agriculture.

Full description in course bulletin

ECON 817 Intro to Econometrics

Instructor - Schmidt / Course Term - Late March to May

Concepts Needed Prior to Taking Course:
Skills and Abilities Gained in Course:

Designed to give undergraduate and master's level economics students an introduction to basic econometric methods including economic model estimation and analyses of economic data.

Full description in course bulletin

MRKT 850 Strategic Database Marketing

Instructor - Ball / Course Term - August to October

Concepts Needed Prior to Taking Course:
Skills and Abilities Gained in Course:

Prereqs: ECON 215 or equivalent

Theory and strategic use of large marketing databases.

Full description in course bulletin

MNGT 853 Data Mining Applications

Instructor - Olson / Course Term - October to early December

Concepts Needed Prior to Taking Course:
Skills and Abilities Gained in Course:

Prereqs: GRBA 851

Data mining applies quantitative analysis to support humans in identifying actionable information from large amounts of data.

Full description in course bulletin

The cost for these classes for the 2014-15 academic year is $531/credit hour. Books are extra.


  • Use big data to make better business decisions
  • Four courses
  • 100% online