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Friesen, Megan

Megan Friesen

Academic Adviser

Undergraduate Programs

CBA 114

P.O. Box 880405

Lincoln, NE 68588-0405



Education Abroad

Love South 127

Lincoln, NE 68588-4107

Phone: (402) 472-5358


Website: Education Abroad

Enrich Your College Experience Outside of UNL

The College of Business Administration at UNL offers a variety of study abroad opportunities. Students can study business topics, culture and/or language in England, Japan, Italy, China and France or participate on one of many other options through the UNL Education Abroad Office.

Nebraska at Oxford – Oxford, England

London Bridge

The Nebraska at Oxford program is UNL's most popular study abroad program. Open to all majors, students have the opportunity to earn six credit hours, experience the culture of Great Britain, learn about economic issues and Shakespeare, and travel throughout Europe.

Senshu University Business, Culture and Language Program - Tokyo, Japan

Kimono Girl

The Business, Culture and Language (BCL) Program at Senshu University in Tokyo, Japan is open to all UNL students but is of particular interest to students studying International Business, Japanese, Asian Studies or Global Studies. Students can earn 17 credit hours in this fall semester program.

CIMBA – Paderno del Grappa, Italy


The CIMBA Program is open to all UNL students, but may be of particular interest to students studying business, communication, or journalism. Students can study during a semester or summer program, earn between 6-18 credit hours, study with students from all around the United States, participate in leadership training programs, and travel throughout Europe.

China: Business and Cultural Discovery - Xi'an and Beijing, China

China Group

Through the China: Business and Cultural Discovery study abroad program in China, students can earn 6 credit hours during a 4-week summer program. Students have the opportunity to visit with Chinese professionals, experience life in China and tour sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors.

France Business School (formally ESCEM) - Poitiers, France


The France Business School is considered to be the “Ivy League” university in France. Students have the opportunity to study business courses through a certificate program and French language and culture through this fall or spring semester program.

Other International Opportunities

Other Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to study abroad in a wide variety of locations throughout the world. Whether you want to study a foreign language, experience another culture, take degree courses abroad, complete a semester at sea, gain work experience through an international internship, or participate in an international service learning program, opportunities are available through the UNL Education Abroad Office.

Follow CBA Study Abroad on Social Media


Follow UNL students’ experience abroad online with the hashtags #UNLOxford, #UNLCIMBA, #UNLSenshu, #UNLFrance, #UNLChina, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Learn more about CBA study abroad programs, see photos, gain information about information sessions, ask questions of past participants, and much more by visiting the CBA Study Abroad Program Facebook page.

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Photo Collage

The College of Business Administration is proud to partner with the UNL Education Abroad Office to provide the opportunity for students to share their international experience and photography with their peers. The goal is to use these photographs to publicize the importance of the UNL Education Abroad programs. We hope that students will submit their photos that capture the essence of their international experience.

CBA Education Abroad Student Ambassador Program


The CBA Education Abroad Student Ambassador program is an opportunity for CBA students who have participated in an education abroad program (whether study abroad, international internship, or serving learning project) to share their international experience with interested students. This volunteer experience involves assisting with activities such as, but not limited to, recruiting events, including the Big Red Welcome, Education Abroad fairs, pre-departure orientations, etc., as well as sharing photos of their experience for advertising materials, serving as a resource for college promotional materials, answering questions of interested students, among other things. It’s an exciting opportunity for returned students from abroad to share their experience with future students to help them become knowledgeable and excited about going abroad!

If interested in volunteering, please contact CBA 114.

Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to try new things, see amazing places, and make memories that will last a lifetime! I learned a lot from my professors as well as about myself and the world as a whole. No matter where you go, studying abroad is always worth it and will be a life changing experience.

Charlie Lainson
CBA Student, CIMBA and Nebraska at Oxford Programs

Flags Image

Flags of the Nations! (left to right) England, Japan, Italy, China, France