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The College of Business Administration manages an event registration and management system available to faculty, staff, colleges and organizations with the University of Nebraska. CBA faculty, staff and organizations can use the system at no cost.* University events (except for CBA) should reference the fee schedule below.

*All events collecting payments through the online system will be assessed fees to offset credit card processing fees. Please see the fee schedule below.

System Features

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  • Registration report with all attendee information, including contact information and registration responses, is created for each event
  • Registration reports can be downloaded into Excel file by designated event reporter
  • Online payments processed through secure payment portal and directly allocated to group’s cost object, including SOFS
  • Automatic event messaging sent to all registrants for event reminders, updates or cancellations if necessary
  • Optional artwork so attendees see consistent brand for events (Event organizers must provide CBA with appropriate logos, invitation art, t-shirt and promotional designs, etc.)
  • Registration responses can vary from yes/no to multiple choice options (i.e. attending, multiple sessions, meal options, t-shirts/sizes, etc.)
  • Additional coupon codes for discounts or complimentary registrations and early bird registration discounts can be created

Promotional Webpage

A promotional webpage allows groups to post additional event or membership dues information, and can be linked to the registration page. The design must follow UNL web standards and all text and photos/artwork must be provided to CBA team in appropriate format. Additional event details may include the following:

  • Conference agenda
  • Hotel information
  • Event venue and parking information
  • T-shirt description/purchasing information
  • Sponsor recognition
  • About the organization
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Fee Schedule

The CBA Event Registration System is a free service to CBA affiliated groups. However, each cost object processing online payments will be assessed a monthly transaction fee to cover credit card processing fees charged by UNL Information Technology Services. Below is the fee schedule for university events not directly associated with CBA.

Basic Package - $150
  • Registration build – basic questions (attend/not attend, Yes/No)
  • Cancellation/refund processing (individual registrations)
  • Reporter role assignment and training for 1-2 group members
Advanced Package - $200
  • Registration build – advanced questions (multiple sessions, meal choices, t-shirts/sizes, artwork for t-shirts or promotional items)
  • Cancellation/refund processing (individual registrations)
  • Reporter role assignment and training for 1-3 group members
Additional Costs
  • A monthly transaction fee of $10 will automatically be assessed to any cost center or SOFS collecting online registration or membership payments. All credit card processing fees will also be directly allocated to the cost center or SOFS as well. Information pertaining to amounts will be included in your monthly statement.
  • Event cancellation that requires refund processing (only for events or membership dues that require payment processing)
    15-100 registration refunds - $50
    101+ registration refunds - $75
  • Advanced edits after event registration page is launched - $50/hour
  • Promotional webpage
    Bands of simple text - $100
    Photos or artwork added to the bands - $150


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