International Student Career Readiness Certificate

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International Student Career Readiness Certificate


The International Student Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a 10-week intensive career preparation program to help CBA international students discover and develop skills necessary to be successful in the U.S. job market. Upon completion of the program students receive a Career Readiness Certificate from Career Services at CBA.

Who Should Apply

  • Are you a College of Business Administration (CBA) international student who is a sophomore or junior during the 2017 spring semester?
  • Do you want to find an internship or full-time job in the U.S.?
  • Do you feel as though you have great potential, but are struggling to get connected to campus and community resources?

If you answered "YES" to these questions, then you should apply for the International Student Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) Program.

Application Due: Friday, January 27, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.

The CRC is now accepting applications for the 2017 cohort.

What You Will Do in the Program

During the CRC international students will participate in the following:

    International Students
  1. CRC Orientation. Attend the CRC orientation on Friday, February 10 to learn more about the program requirements.
  2. Coaching Appointment. Complete a one-on-one appointment to review LinkedIn profile, resume and/or cover letter.
  3. Get Involved. Participate in The Big Event on Saturday, April 9 with us!
  4. American Conversation Partner. Interact with an assigned American Conversation Partner (ACP).
  5. Career Development Workshops. Attend at least 7 of the 8 career development workshops.
  6. 6. CRC Celebration [April 21] Attend CRC celebration. Students will attend with their conversation partners and receive their official Career Readiness Certificate.
Career Development Workshops
February 17 | Career and Life Goals Assessment (Required Workshop) Developing and understanding your career and life goals is important. However, many students are unsure about their goals. This workshop will include an open discussion about career goals and action plans to help make these goals a reality.
February 24 | Volunteering, On-Campus Jobs, and Getting Involved Employers want to see that you’ve done something besides attended class. To help set yourself apart you’ll need to have other experiences that allow you to grow and develop new skills. This workshop will introduce the Center for Civic Engagement, Student Involvement and on-campus job.
March 3 | Writing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters (Required Workshop) Having strong application materials are very important for all job and internship opportunities in the U.S. Think of these documents as an important strategy for marketing yourself to employers. This workshop will build on what you already know about resumes and cover letters to make sure they are strong and competitive for the job market in the U.S.
March 10 | Communicating with Professors As a student, you are aware that your academic success is a crucial part of finding an internship/job. However, being academically successful in the U.S. can require different strategies than in your home country. This workshop will provide a panel who can help explain how international students can manage academics and communicate with professors.
March 17 | Networking Over 80% of people get jobs from having a connection. This workshop will discuss the benefits of networking, how to network, and where to network.
March 31 | Talking about Immigration Rules and Regulations Confidently When working in the U.S. it is important to know and follow all of the immigration rules and regulations. As a student you must be able to speak confidently and knowledgably about immigration policies to give employers confidence in hiring you. In this workshop the International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO) will give a brief overview of OPT/CPT/H1B.
April 7 | Effective Interviewing When looking for an internship/full-time job you’ll need to interview well. This workshop will cover interviewing as an international student. You’ll learn about when to bring up OPT/CPT/H1B, how to handle various interview questions, and common mistakes international students make when interviewing.
April 14 | Job Search Strategies/Reflection (Required Workshop) Identifying companies that are willing to hire international students can be frustrating. This workshop will show which resources to utilize, how to research companies and when to use informational interviews.

American Conversation Partners Needed

International Students talking

CBA students interested in global relations, intercultural communication and/or international business are invited to volunteer as a conversation partner who will interact with a CBA international student in the CRC program. The 2017 CRC cohort will be between 15-20 international students. If you are interested in being a conversation partner during the spring 2017 semester or have more questions regarding CRC conversation partners, please email Jayde McWilliams.