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BLC Climbing Challenge Course

A first-year learning community is a great way for students to make the most of their first year at Nebraska. In addition to living with other students who share similar academic and career interests, students are enrolled in some of the same classes and have access to an upper class student mentor and work with a staff sponsor. Learning communities also offer unique opportunities to form study groups, participate in campus activities, and build teamwork skills, while connecting to the campus community.

The College of Business sponsors two learning communities. Business Leaders – Start Your Future Today, helps business students build skills and the knowledge needed to become future business and community leaders. Business Around the World – Global Perspectives is designed for students interested in becoming business professionals with clients, contacts, and interests around the globe.

About the Business Learning Communities

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Business Leaders – Start Your Future Today Business Around the World – Global Perspectives

How to Apply to a First-Year Learning Community

To apply for a First-Year Learning Community, you must complete your Housing Contract no later than May 1. However, space is limited and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so complete your contract as soon as possible.

Business Learning Community at Challenge Course

The Business Learning Communities (BLC) offer programs and events throughout the year that participants are invited and encouraged to attend. The activities are designed to help students grow academically, professionally, personally, and socially -- helping them to become well-rounded students and highly qualified business professionals. Examples of BLC activities include:

Back to School Bash - The College of Business welcomes students back for the fall semester with pizza, drinks, live music, prizes and more!

Challenge Course - Students work as a team to overcome challenges, build teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, while learning when to lead and follow, through the Campus Recreation Challenge Course.

Chat and Chow with Faculty - Faculty members join students for lunch in the dining hall to build professional and academic connections.

B-Week (Business Week) - Celebrate the College of Business! Students celebrate our college by hosting a variety of student-led activities and inviting business speakers.

Freshman Advising Nights - Academic Advisors hold special individual evening advising appointments in the students’ residence halls; this is a special perk as students do not have to schedule other individual appointments during a busy time of year.

BIG Trip with Learning Communities - The College of Business joins other Nebraska Learning Communities on a trip to a larger mid-Western city to experience “behind the scenes” business tours, professional networking opportunities, exploring the local cultural/theater scene, while also having the chance to try out the local entertainment. The BIG Trip is a semester highlight!

Business Networking and Industry Visits - Students have the opportunity to network with local business leaders on campus through the Business Career Center Employer in Residence Program and well as occasionally tour local business sites and network with business professionals and alumni.

Student Organization Fair, Career Fair, and Education Abroad Fairs - Students are encouraged to explore the possibilities on campus, professionally, and internationally through Nebraska sponsored Student Organization, Career, and Education Abroad fairs. The experiential opportunities help students build their resumes, gain core competencies, and enhance college experiences.

Campus Activities and Events - Students are invited to attend campus events and participate in activities, such as intramural sports, campus concerts, speakers, cultural programming, music/theater performances, and so much more!

Professional Workshops and Events - Employers, professionals, and guests often provide opportunities for students to grow personally and professionally. Learning Community students are encouraged to attend the events in order to network with employers and explore career options.

Student Programs (mentor sponsored) - The Learning Community Peer Mentors sponsor a variety of social, academic, and professional related events for students to get to know one another, explore campus activities, and have fun!

Business Learning Community BIG Trip to Chicago in 2015

The Business Learning Communities participated in the LC BIG Trip to Chicago in October 2015. Check out the social media highlights from our trip and read our story.

BLC at Wells Fargo
BLC at Deloitte

What Students Have to Say...

Dillon Thoman
The Business Learning Community (BLC) was the perfect way for me to enter college and create friendships the moment I walked on campus. The connection that is already present with the other students in the BLC made it extremely smooth and comfortable for me to make friends the first few weeks and first year of college. A huge benefit to the BLC was having multiple people on my dorm floor that I took the same classes with and were always there to study with. The trips that the BLC took were extremely beneficial and gave me an edge over other students in learning what employers look for in college students when hiring. The greatest benefit from the BLC was being able to make great friendships and to always have familiar faces to see in the College of Business.
Dillon Thoman
Finance Major
Rachel Anderson
Being a part of the BLC my freshman year was one of the best decisions I made. Since the people on my floor were in the same classes and shared similar interests, it made the transition into college academics less stressful. I had the opportunity to make connections with professors and business leaders –something many first year students do not get the chance to do. I couldn’t be happier with my experience in the BLC.
Rachel Anderson
Marketing Major
Lauren LeTourneau
Joining the Business Learning Community on campus was the best decision I made in my freshman year. Coming from out of state it allowed me to really become immersed in the school and meet other people with similar interests to me! My favorite event was visiting my home state of Minnesota when we took the Learning Community BIG Trip to Minneapolis to tour local businesses, sports venues, and more! I loved the Learning Community so much I decided to stay involved and become a mentor.
Lauren LeTourneau
Finance and Supply Chain Management Major
This Is How We Do It!
At Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City
At Twins baseball game
Student group photo at MySidewalk in Kansas City
Students at Challenge Course

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