Positive Global Leadership

In the wake of increasing globalization, today's organizational leaders are faced with unprecedented complexity. To help meeting the challenge, this article proposes a new positive approach to global leadership. After first providing the background on positivity, positive global leadership is carefully defined and its similarities and differences with both the established and contemporary leadership theories are noted. The discussion then turns to how positive global leadership addresses three major challenges in the global context of distance, cultural differences and cross-cultural barriers. The article concludes that this new positive approach can help global leaders to leverage diverse strengths in themselves and their environment to more effectively meet the escalating challenges they face now and in the future.

Publication Information
Article Title: Positive Global Leadership
Journal: Journal of World Business (2012)
Author(s): Luthans, Fred;  Youssef, Carolyn M.
Researcher Information
Luthans, Fred
Luthans, Fred
  • Positive Leadership
  • Psychological Capital
  • Organizational Behavior
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