Writing for Economics Journals: Strategic Elements of Success

This study investigates the strategic elements of research publication success, with a focus on economics journals. A distinction is made between success factors specific to the talents of the individual (e.g., innate ability, training, experience), and those that are somewhat generic in nature and thus attainable by most authors (e.g., topic selection, timing, care in preparing manuscript, journal targeting). This study focuses on the latter in hope of providing authors with practical, strategic insights into publication success. Strategies proposed are based on: (1) a review of the literature, and (2) survey data and qualitative comments obtained from economics journal editors and manuscript reviewers. Little research has been done in this important area, and it appears that this study is unique in that it examines the perspectives of both editors and reviewers. Several common themes emerge from the literature and this survey data regarding the strategic elements of publication success. These themes should be of value to new, aspiring authors as well as experienced researchers.

Publication Information
Article Title: Writing for Economics Journals: Strategic Elements of Success
Journal: Journal of Economics (1997)
Vol. 24, No. 2
Author(s): Lawrence, Janice E;  Fischer, Charles C
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Lawrence, Janice E
Lawrence, Janice E
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