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Julie Wu

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Assistant Professor
Ph.D.   Texas A&M University
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets & Investing
Corporate Finance
 Vote Avoidance and Shareholder Voting in Mergers and Acquisitions , with K. Li and T. Liu, 2018 Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
    -Semifinalist for Best Paper Award at the FMA Asia Pacific Conference 2017
 Earnings Attribution and Information Transfers, with D. Koo and E. Yeung, 2017, Contemporary Accounting Research 34: 1547–1579.
 Merger Arbitrage Short Selling and Price Pressure , with T. Liu, 2014, Journal of Corporate Finance 27: 36-54.

Financial Markets & Investing
 Equity Short Selling and Bond Downgrades , with T. Henry and D. Kisgen, 2015, Journal of Financial Intermediation 24:89-111.
 High Short Interest Effect and Aggregate Volatility Risk , with A. Barinov, 2014, Journal of Financial Markets 21: 98-122.
 Short Selling and the Price Discovery Process, with E. Boehmer, 2013, Review of Financial Studies 26: 287-322. [Lead article]
    -Runner Up prize for the RFS Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award, 2014

Selected Working Papers
Standing out from the Crowd via Corporate Goodness: Evidence from a Natural Experiment , with L. Gao and J. He
International Evidence on Algorithmic Trading , with E. Boehmer and K. Fong
Longs, Shorts and the Cross Section of Stock Returns , with M. Nezafat, T. Shen and Q. Wang
... more papers at SSRN

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