Toward a Greater Understanding of Salesperson Perceptions about Sales Contests

The article discusses salespersons' perception about sales contests. Sales contests, special incentive programmes designed to motivate sales personnel to accomplish specific sales objectives, have become so commonplace in the selling environment that most sales managers are routinely engaged in their design and implementation and most salespeople participate in them, often on an ongoing basis. Most sales managers believe sales contests are effective at motivating salespeople, that certain contest designs, in certain instances, have been associated with attainment of contest goals, and that managers believe contests produce increases in contest-related sales goals. But there has been a conspicuous lack of research regarding the attitude of the salespersons towards these contests. Lacking this knowledge, the research community is unable to provide insights to management that go beyond common sense advice for special incentive design. If certain characteristics are associated with particular salesperson feelings towards contests, recommendations can be made to management regarding issues they should consider in the design and implementation of sales contests.

Publication Information
Article Title: Toward a Greater Understanding of Salesperson Perceptions about Sales Contests
Journal: European Journal of Marketing (1995)
Vol. 29 Issue 13, p42-66, ISSN 0309-0566
Author(s): Sohi, Ravi;  Murphy, W. H.
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Sohi, Ravi
Sohi, Ravi
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