Job Centers: Are Finders Keepers? A Note from Japan

"Do job centers help unemployed people to find and keep jobs? Using the results of a unique survey by the Japanese government, this note examines the employment success of job center clients. Success in finding and keeping jobs varies systematically across distinct subgroups. Moreover, job center clients were not particularly successful in finding work that fit their qualifications." (JEL J60, J68, J40) Copyright (c) 2009 Western Economic Association International.

Publication Information
Article Title: Job Centers: Are Finders Keepers? A Note from Japan
Journal: Contemporary Economic Policy (May, 2009)
Author(s): Fuess, Jr., Scott M
Researcher Information
Fuess, Jr., Scott M
Fuess, Jr., Scott M
Steinhart Foundation Distinguished Professor of Business, Department Chair
  • Economy of Japan
  • Labor Economics (wages, employment, working conditions, unions)
  • Macroeconomics
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