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Kevin Thor
Not one to shy away from adventure, Kevin Thor experienced the study abroad program of a lifetime in the fall. The junior management major from Stanton, Neb., was enrolled in the fall 2013 Semester at Sea program and fulfilled his goal of traveling the world.
Roland Madison
As a 20-something Ph.D. student from West Virginia, Roland Madison didn’t realize the profound effect his Nebraska experience would have on the rest of his life. When he graduated in 1978, he knew he was a “better person” because of his University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration education.
Dr. Jenna Pieper
If you consider yourself a talented and productive worker with value to your employer, Dr. Jenna Pieper, assistant professor of management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration, has good news for you. You will likely be rewarded for your efforts at companies that offer pay-for-performance incentives and your employer could be rewarded too.
Eron Bass
A trained ballet dancer from Calgary, Canada, Erin Bass performed in the United States for nine years. Unfortunately the life of a ballerina does not last forever, and Bass saw she could apply her life experiences to a new career by enrolling in the Ph.D. program in management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration.
Cecil Walker
Cecil L. Walker ’59, former chairman and CEO of Gannett Broadcasting in Virginia, was named the 2013 CBA Master. While on campus for Alumni Master’s Week, Nov. 13-15, he spoke to classes, student organizations and faculty, and shared his insight of managing a major corporation in the broadcasting industry.
Dr. Stanislava Nikolova
Dr. Stanislava (Stas) Nikolova, assistant professor of finance, was recently awarded the 2013 Economic Research Award by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). She is the second recipient of the award.
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